Sushma Karki beaten in public by her boyfriend Niran

It is no secret that actress Sushma Karki is living with her boyfriend Niran. According to a latest incident, they don’t seem to be happy with each other.

While in a program in East Nepal, Niran had beaten Sushma Karki at backstage. The issue got so big that police had to intervene in solving the case. The reason for the issue is yet to be known.

They are not only boyfriend and girlfriend but, they are also business partner in a restaurant. Sushma and Naren had celebrated Sushma’s birthday in their restaurant. It has been less than a year since they had patched up after a bitter misunderstanding and separation last year. At that time, their affair was less than a year long.

According to the participants of the program, Sushma was crying when she danced on stage. The police has told that the issue was personal and they have sorted out the misunderstanding.

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