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A new Nepali movie ‘Premi’ is released on Friday December 16, 2016. The movie made on a love story is directed by Bibek Thapa. The director has also written the script of the movie. ‘Premi’ features new actors like Kapil Gaire, Sujana Dhakal, Nishanta Pandey, Kashinath Panthi and Pashupati Nepal in main roles.

One of the producers of the movie, Krishna Shree Kafle has told that the movie is named ‘Premi’ because the core of the movie is a love story. He told that all the artists in the movie were selected by an audition. Although the movie is released this week in Kathmandu, the movie’s release in the theatres out of Kathmandu will start next week.

The producer, Kafle, had previously worked as a production manager in Bollywood films. He had also produced another Nepali movie previously, titled ‘Udhum’. The movie was initially scheduled to release on August but was delayed.

The movie ‘premi’ was shot in location in and around Butwal. The music is composed by Bikash Chaudhary and cinematography by Yam Ale. Action director is Gopal Pariyar and choreographer is the director Bibek Thapa himself. Rebel Thapa has edited the movie.

The actress in the movie Sujana Dhakal is a well known model featured in a number of music videos.

Trailer of Premi

Premi to feature Sujana Dhakal and Kapil Gaire

Published on: Mar 17, 2015 @ 03:24

Upcoming movie ‘Premi’ is currently being shot in the area around Butwal. The shooting of the movie started in the second half of February. The movie made on a triangular love story is being made on the story written by the director Bibek Thapa.

‘Premi’ is being produced by Krishna Shree Kafle and Kashi Nath Panthi. The movie featured Kapil Gaire, Sujana Dhakal, Nishanta Pandey, Akancha Parajuli, Bimal Dotel, Reshma KC and others. The movie is being shot in various locations in Butwal, Kathmandu, Pokhara and Dharan.

The movie produced under the banner of Tridev Film Production, features the music of Bikash Chaudhary. The shooting is expected to complete in a month.

Here are some photos Suzana Dhakal taken during the shooting of ‘Premi’:

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