Friday release, Sorry La and Euta Sathi

This week, two new movies ‘Sorry La’  and ‘Euta Sathi’ were released in theater all over Nepal on November 7, 2014.

friday release sorry la and euta sathi

‘Sorry La’ 

The movie by director Rishi Lamichane features Rajan Khatiwada, Subash Thapa, Anita Acharya, Roshan Maharjan, Martin Khan etc. in main role. The story of the love story movie is written by Anju KC.

Actress Anita Acharya is debuting as an actress in the movie. The winner of Glam Hunt 2013 fashion contest, Anita is a well known model in fashion industry. Actor Subash Thapa is also known as Birkhe after his last release movie ‘Birkhelai Chinchas’. More details of ‘Sorry La’ is available in NetofNepal.  

‘Euta Sathi’

Another new release of November 7 is a direction of journalist Laxman Subedi. Laxman is debuting as a director in the romantic movie featuring Salon Basnet, Rista Basnet and John Tamang in lead roles. The movie produced by Ramchandra Khanel is written by Sushil Pangeni.

The movie initially produced by well known director Shovit Basnet was halted and delayed when Shovit refused to fund it. The shooting of the movie resumed after Ramchandra Khanal decided to produce it. The movie’s leading actor Salon in the son of Shovit Basnet. More information and posters of ‘Euta Sathi’ are available in NetofNepal.

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