Alok Nembang, the rising star set too early (photos)

The body of the well known film director and director of music video, Alok Nembang, was kept at Pragya Pratisthan for the last goodbye. Film artists, music video models and technicians and a lot of general public went to see Alok for the last time.

Alok had died after committing suicide at his home on Thursday.

When Alok was studying in grade five, he ran away from home to see Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt in Mumbai. In the start of his career, Alok worked as a VJ in Image Channel.

As a music video director, Alok debuted in Nabin K Bhattarai’s song ‘Lakhau Patak …’. In film sector he debuted as an actor in ‘Numafang’and directed ‘Sano Sansar’.

In the sucide note he reportedly told that he was tired of living and decided to die once instead to dying everyday.

2 thoughts on “Alok Nembang, the rising star set too early (photos)

  1. Aalok timile yasto kina gareko???
    Kamse kam timile pani maile jastai facebook lai sathi banaeko bhae hunthiyo ni,
    Maile sochthen malai bachna garo bhayo bhanera!!
    Sayad ma jastai timi pani eklo bhayau hola !
    Timi le aafno man haluka garna sakenau hola!!
    Sansar lai maya sikaune timi,
    Kina kasaile pani timi lai bujhnasakena??
    Kina timi yasari eklo bhayau??
    Tara aalok timi ta, ma jasto manchhe le pani maya garne byakti kina timi yati kamjor banyau??
    Bhagawan timile kati thulo galti garyau !!!
    Aalok timro aatma ko shanti ko lagi bhagawan sanga prathana gardachhu………

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