Gopal Bhutani – A Nepali who could never became a Nepali Citizen

gopal_bhutani It’s a sad day, a successful Nepali film personality, Gopal Bhutani, has died. I am more saddened by the fact that the Nepal government never offered him his birthright of Nepali citizenship.

After pressure from the persons in film sector, the government had agreed to fulfill his “last wish”. But, the officials from the Home Ministry called an hour after his death to offer the citizenship certificate.

Born as Gopal Tamang in Ilam, Eastern Nepal, Bhutani went to work in Bollywood in 1940s. When he returned back, the government officials refused him the citizenship due to the title “Bhutani” in his name.

If such a well-known person couldn’t make his rightful citizenship certificate, then it is easy to guess how many rightful people haven’t received their certificates. At the same time, many foreigners have obtained Nepalese citizen certificates by unlawful ways.

I hope the government officials will learn the lesson from the Gopal Bhutani case.

Hert-felt condolence to Bhutani!


gopal bhutani

4 thoughts on “Gopal Bhutani – A Nepali who could never became a Nepali Citizen

  1. It’s sad news . Why Gopal could not got a nepalies citizen ? N most of the people who r from Indian they got citizen but most of the people who r born in Nepal they still can’t get the citizen so I request to Nepal government plz gave the citizen to people who r born in their motherland n only they always love the country.

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