Gurung Movie – Nanu

gurung movie nanuGurung Movie – Nanu
Starring – Krishna Gurung, Resham Gurung, Pritam Gurung, Sunita Gurung, Raju Gurung, Padam Gurung, Bhim Dura.
Director – Pritam Gurung

This Gurung Movie titled ‘Nanu’ is the 7th presentation of Rodhi by Pritam Gurung. Raju Gurung is the guest artist. Padam Gurung and Bim Dura are the new presentation of the movie. The movie also features a traditional dance, Kauda dance.

Cinematographer is Surendra Dahal, editing of Samanta Acharya, background music by Dipendra Man Singh, choreography Raju Gurung, music Durga Gurung, produced by Sunita Gurung, and written by the director Pritam Gurung.

watch the full movie in a single part:


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