Rekha Thapa remotely directed Rajesh Payal Rai song, from USA

Actress Rekha Thapa has been living in the USA for the last couple of months. There is no words on what she is doing or what her plans are. Her past statements indicate that she is planning to leave Nepal and live permanently in the USA.

In a latest report, Rekha has composed a song of her upcoming movie ‘Rampyari’ and has directed singer Rajesh Payal Rai from the USA. The recording of the song titled ‘Arko June Kunni Bhet Huni Ki Nahune …’ was recorded on the voice of Rai on July 7 in Musician Studio, Kathmandu.

The song features singer Manisha Pokharel with Rajesh Payal Rai. While the music is composed by Rekha, words in the song is written by Kiran Kharel. Musician Rekha had directed the recording through online chatting software, Viber. In her Facebook post, Rekha has stated that the movie is ‘coming soon.’

The movie ‘Rampyari’ is to be directed by Shabir Shrestha and features Rekha Thapa with her nephew, Avash Adhikari. The recording of the songs of the movie had started before the April 25 earthquake and had halted because of the earthquake.

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