Gyanendra seeks active responsibilities, Tihar message

Ex King Gyanendra Shah has told that he is ready to take the responsibility of leading the country. On the occasion of Bhai Tika on the fifth day of Tihar, he talked briefly with the journalists and told that the country seems to be lacking a leader to lead it to the prosperity. He told that he is worried about the country as a general citizen. He added, “I think the time has come for me to take the responsibility and leadership of the country. But for that to happen, everybody should agree.”

He also added that the statement doesn’t mean he wanted an active role in the Nepali politics. He told, “This is not about being active or inactive. This is the time the country has asked for and it is the right time.” He told, the Bhai Tika is the day of living with the family and enjoy. He also asked the citizen of Nepal to listen to his statement carefully.

By the way he gave the statement, it is clear that something is cooking in Gyanendra’s kitchen. It seems, he is planning to do something in terms of taking back the power he had lost almost a decade ago.
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What might be Gyanendra’s action?

Although Nepali people are not happy with the political parties and the leaders, it is clear that they are not ready for an alternative. That was clearly seen the local level election. The loss of the new parties like Naya Shakti, Sajha Party and Bibekshil is a clear indication that they are not looking for an alternative yet.

There is no sign of sympathetic inclination toward monarchy. The loss of Rastriya Prajatantra Party and their stance on monarchy is an indication that monarchy has more to do to win people’s heart.

Gyanendra seems to be focusing more on consolidating his own family and is more focused on temples and gods than Nepali citizen. The only royal member that is popular among people is ex-princess Himani. Her social work Himani Trust is also not as active as it should have been. Gyanendra seem to be winning in dealing with his son Paras. He is less visible and seem to be much closer to his family these days. But, Paras has to do more to nullify his bad image he had created in the past.

There is no specific indication on what Gyanendra might do in future. I think, Gyanendra’s latest statement is only threats of word and there is nothing being done in the background to support his statement. The maximum Gyanendra can do right now is to support one or a few candidates in upcoming election.

Please comment, what might be his action?

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