Celebrity Tihar, photo highlights of Bhai Tika, 2017

I have been sharing Tihar photos of Nepali celebrities for the last few years. Last year, I had shared 20 photos of celebrating Tihar. This year I wanted to continue the tradition by posting 20 more photos this year. I haven’t repeated the same celebrities but, most of them are the same every year. If you want to learn more, there is the details on the five days of Tihar.

The photos of the previous years:

Although Bhai Tika is celebrated with brothers and sisters, they don’t need to be biological siblings. Those who don’t have their own siblings, or those who are separated because of living at different place, find one of their liking and make a temporary brother or sister for the festival.

Anmol KC is currently in the USA. He celebrated Tihar with his step-sister, Kajal KC in the USA. Kajal, her mother, Bijaya KC and her brother live in the USA. Bhuwan’s home production Kajal Films is named after Kajal KC.

Actress Barsha Siwakoti celebrated Tika with her sisters and a brother.

Comedy actor and producer Deepak Raj Giri celebrated Bhaitika with his sister.

Ex-king Gyanendra celebrated his tika with his sister.

Karishma Manandhar’s bhaitika:

Actor Kedar Ghimire, Magne Budha with his siter in Bhaitika 2017

Actor Najir Hussain celebrated Bhai Tika although he doesn’t usually celebrate Hindu festivals.

Actor Paul Shah with brother and sister and BhaiTika.

Actress Rekha Thapa’s bhaitika:

Rista Basnet with her brothers in Bhaitika:

Samragyee RL Shah offering bhaitika to her brother, 2017:

Sanchita Luitel with her sister in tihar:

Shovit Basnet, Salon Basnet

Shweta Khadka with her brothers and sister in Bhaitika:

Sita Ram Kattel and his brother Kumar Kattel celebrated Bhaitika with sisters and a brother.

Actress Kunjana Ghimire with her sister and brother in Bhaitika 2017:

Actress Surabina Karki with her brother and sisters in Bhaitika.

Actor Bhuwan KC is also in the USA with his son Anmol KC. He had two sisters to celebrate BhaiTika with.

Actress Namrata Shrestha and her brother:


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