Hawaldar Suntali song writer Dinesh Subedi accused of child rape

The writer of a popular song of an upcoming movie, ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ has been accused of raping a child in the school he teaches. According to a report in Seto Pati online newspaper, Dinesh Subedi is accused of raping a grade 4, 9-years-old child in the school he teaches.

dinesh subedi

Subedi, a teacher of Seti Ganesh High School in Daman, Palung had raped the child and was trying to convince the child keep silent. When the parents of the child knew about the crime, the villagers tried to kill Subdei before police took him under their control. While trying to save Subedi, the uniform of one of the police officer was also torn.

Subedi had been writing songs for the musician Tanka Budhathoki. Dinesh had written an item song for ‘Zanzeer’, “Bhat Bhate…” of ‘Euta Sathi’ and ‘Himmatwali‘s “Malai Pagal banaune…” apart from “Ghanti Bajyo …” of ‘Hawaldar Suntali’.

There has been an increase of rape crime in Nepal and there has been protest all over the country to punish the rapists to the maximum.

The popular song written by Dinesh Subedi:

One thought on “Hawaldar Suntali song writer Dinesh Subedi accused of child rape


    Mr.Dinesh Subedi is best writer of Nepal. Whatever case of rape against him is planned to kick out.
    All Nepali must love him & make him free to build the nation.

    Sandeep Kumar Gautam

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