Chhabi Raj Ojha movies (Full Movies)

The last release of the producer Chhabi Raj Ojha is ‘Hawaldar Suntali’, released in 2015. His next movie ‘Kismat 2’ is scheduled to release on April 8. Chhabi started film making with ‘Yug Dekhi Yug Samma’.

“Hawaldar Suntali” is a movie made on the story of Suntali Dhami, a police officer who was raped in her office by her co-workers. Three police officers were jailed in the case. The actress Shilpa Pokharel however had never met the real person whose character she was doing in the movie.

The movie ‘Lazza’ is accused of being a copy of a 2007 release Hindi movie ‘Laga Chunari Mein Daag’. Director Samjhana Upreti had made that accusation in a radio interview. Shilpa Pokharel, who had debuted in the movie was also with Samjhana at the time of the interview. Samjhan claimed that the movie was made on an original story.

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D Cine Awards 2015, November Rain wins the most award (full list)

The winners of the Digital Cine Award 2072, organized by Chhaya Chhabi Creation was announced in a special program held in Kathmandu on December 21, 2015. In the award ceremony, the movie ‘November Rain’ bagged the most award – a total of eight awards including the best actors, best actress, best director awards.

d cine award 2015

While ‘November Rain’ became the best movie, ‘Bhimdatta’ was awarded the Critics Award and ‘Sunpani’ became the Special Film. Late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha‘s movie ‘Kohinoor’ was awarded the public choice award. Producer and film distributor Gopal Kayastha and actress Gauri Malla were awarded with Chhaya Chhabi Film Artist honor award. Film journalist Dabbu Chhetri was awarded the Chhaya Chhabi Film Journalism Award of value Rs. 7,777.

Watch Award winning movies

This is a partial list of the winners. Only the full movies available in xnepali are linked to the page to watch them:

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Five types of Nepali movies (with links to example movies)

A friend in Twitter, Rakesh, has categorized the Nepali movies in four different  types. Although the categorization is done very loosely and the boundary of this categorization is extremely blurry, such a categorization can give a rough guide on what a particular movie is like. I think, there is room for improvement in this categorization so that one can easily decide on whether to watch the movie or not. There is a possibility that some movies might fall in more than one category. Let’s review each category in detail with examples.

  1. Masala Nepali movies
  2. New Age Nepali movies
  3. Nepali movies for youth
  4. B and C Grade Nepali movies
  5. Historical and Art Nepali movies

Video presentation:

Masala Nepali movies

Masala Nepali movies contain all the different entertaining aspects of movies. They are the mix of comedy, family drama, action, music and love all stuffed in a movie to appeal all types of viewers. They might contain all these ingredients (masala) or some of them. These types of movies are less risky and hence, the established film producers prefer to go with these type of movies.

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Nepali Movie – Hawaldar Suntali

Nepali Movie – Hawaldar Suntali
StarringKishor Khatiwoda, Sabin Shrestha, Shilpa Pokharel, BS Rana, Deshbhakta Khanal, Ramchandra Adhikari, Dhruba Koirala, Tirtha Thapa etc.
DirectorRishi Lamichhane

Nepali Movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ is the last movie produced by Chhabi Raj Ojha under his Chhabiraj Films banner. He is currently busy in the production of ‘Kismat 2’ featuring actress Shilpa in leading role. The movie was promoted as being made on the life of Suntali Dhami – the police officer who was raped by her co-worker police officers. The movie introduction however states that the story is not based on real incidents or people.

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Kabaddi wins NFDC Film Awards (full list of winners)

Aryan and Priyanka become the best actors

The 3rd edition of NFDC Film Award ceremony was held in Kathmandu on September 12 at Hotel Hayat in Boudha. TIn the ceremony ‘Kabaddi’ was awarded the best movie of the year 2071. Actor Aryan Sigdel was awarded the best actor for his role in ‘November Rain’ and actress Priyanka Karki was awarded the Best actress for her role in ‘Suntali’.

[Watch ‘Kabaddi’ here and watch ‘November Rain’ here. ]

The best director award was handed over to the director of ‘Kabaddi’, Ram Babu Gurung. The full list of winners is as follows:

  • Best Movie – Kabaddi
  • Best Director – Ram Babu Gurung (Kabaddi)
  • Best Actor in lead role – Aryan Sigdel (November Rain)
  • Best Actress in lead role – Priyanka Karki (Suntali)
  • Best Supporting Actor – Anup Bikram Shahi (Hasiya)
  • Best New Actor (Male) – Sanjog Koirala (Utsav)
  • Best New Actor (Female) – Ashma DC (Aavash)
  • Best Script – Chetan Gurung (November Rain)
  • Best Cinematography – Shailendra Dhoj Karki (Jerryy)
  • Best Editing – Surendra Poudel (Aavash)
  • Best Action – Tarakumar Upreti (Hasiya)
  • Best Music – Taraprakash Limbu (November Rain)
  • Best Choreography – Kabiraj Gahatraj (Hawaldar Suntali)
  • Best Backgroun Music – Ramji Lamichhana (Tathastu)
  • Best Sound – Uttam Neupane (Mukhauta)
  • Kusume Ruma Commercial Success – Kohinoor
  • MaHa Jury Award – Sudeep Singh Bhusal (Mala)
  • Puskar Film Journalism Award – Bijaya Ratna Tuladhar

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Hawaldar Suntali press show held, Chhabi embraces Shilpa

Almost a week after the release of the movie, a press show of ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ was held on April 16 in Gopi Krishna Movies. The press show of the movie released on April 10 was held among journalist and film personalities.

In response to the rumor of the distance between the actress Shilpa Pokharel and the producer Chhabi Raj Ojha after Shilpa did Karishma Manandhar‘s movie ‘Falgu’, Chhabi embraced the actress and told that they are as close as ever. Both Shilpa and Chhabi looked happy in each other’s company and the success of the movie in theater.

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Top 5 movie songs of the year 2071

The success and the failure of a movie is also determined by the success or failure of the music and soundtrack of the movie. For that reason, the film makers allocate considerable amount of resources in the music composition and the preparation of the music videos. On the occasion of the New Year 2072, we have compiled the top 5 movie songs of the year.

Out of 84 movies released in 2071, only a few movies were successful in the year and some had catchy music and others didn’t.

1. Jalama of ‘Resham Filili’

One of the songs of the upcoming movie ‘Resham Filili’ titled ‘Jalama …’ became a super hit song of the year. The official music video of the lyrical soundtrack is yet to be released. Various cover versions and duplicate music videos of the song are prepared all over the world. The film makers have decided not to release the official music video until the release of the movie.

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Friday Release – Seto Bagh, Hawaldar Suntali, Nai Nabhannu La 3

All three of the this Friday’s new release movies are most awaited movies of the year. A historical movie made on popular novel by Diamond Shumsher Rana, ‘Seto Bagh’ appeals to everybody with a little interest in history. Nir Shah has proven his ability in historical movie by making ‘Basanti’. Know to produce hit movie, Chhabi Raj Ojha‘s movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ and the third sequel of ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ series are also expected to be liked by the viewers. These movies are releasing in theaters all over Nepal on April 10, 2015.

Hawaldar Suntali

Chhabi camp’s most awaited movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ is based on the story of a real person, Suntali Dhami. Suntali was raped by her colleagues in Nepal Police. Three of the accused were jailed when found guilty. The movie however seem to be more commercial than a biography. It was a surprising revelation that the actress who played Suntali Dhami in the film hasn’t met the real Suntali so far. It seems, the director and the producers didn’t want Shilpa Pokhrel to meet the person who she was supposed to play in the movie.

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Shilpa never met Hawaldar Suntali, Suntali Dhami

In a surprising revelation, the actress who is posed as Suntali Dhami in her upcoming movie has never met the real life person. Actress Shilpa Pokharel, featured as Suntali, in the movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’, has told that the director didn’t let her meet Suntali Dhami.

Hawaldar is the rank of the police officer named Suntali. In addition to the name the movie is being promoted for being based on the life of Suntali Dhami. But, talking to an online magazine, the director Rishi Lamichane told that there was no need for Shilpa to meet Suntali in real life. He added, the movie is only based on some aspects of Suntali Dhami and Shilpa didn’t need to act as the real Suntali in the movie.

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Its official, Chhabi camp to make female oriented movies only

It is a well known fact that most of the movies produced in Chhabi’s production house had always been female oriented movies. After spending the last 25 years producing Nepali movies, Chhabi has decided that he will only produce female-centered movies in future.

History of Chhabi Raj Ojha‘s film making (in video slideshow):

Last year, Chhabi tried a new area – a male-centered movie, ‘Loafer’ (watch ‘Loafer’ here). When the only male-centered movie became a total failure, Chhabi has publicly announced that he will always make female-centered movies. He was talking to an online magazine about his upcoming release ‘Hawaldar Suntali’. The movie is releasing with other big name movies like ‘Seto Bagh’ and ‘Nai Nabhannu La 3’.

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You can let your kids watch Hawaldar Suntali

The Censor Board has certified that the Chhabi Raj Ojha production movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ is suitable for the viewers of all age by awarding an ‘U’ rating. The movie to release on April 3 is made under Chhabiraj Films banner.

The movie made on a real story of the rape of a police officer Suntali Dhami by her own colleagues, features Shilpa Pokharel in the role of Suntali. Directed by Rishi Lamichane, the movie features Sabin Shrestha and Kishor Khatiwada with Shilpa in leading roles.

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Chhabi says Shilpa Pokharel will forget him after Hawaldar Suntali

The ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ producer Chhabi Raj Ojha has told that it is likely that Shilpa Pokharel will be too busy after the release of the movie that she might forget him. Talking about how good the movie has become, Chhabi said that the demand of Shilpa will suddenly increase after the movie. Shilpa Pokharel is currently in Burgunj for the shooting of Karishma Manandhar‘s movie ‘Falgu’. Chhabi told that he had called Shilpa and told her about his fear.

After watching the final product of the movie, Chhabi told that the movie reminded him of the super-hit movie of Rekha Thapa, ‘Himmat’ (watch ‘Himmat’ in full here). He says that the movie has everything a viewer wants to see in a movie. He says that the movie is made on the South Indian style – popular among the youth audience.

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Hawaldar Suntali song writer Dinesh Subedi accused of child rape

The writer of a popular song of an upcoming movie, ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ has been accused of raping a child in the school he teaches. According to a report in Seto Pati online newspaper, Dinesh Subedi is accused of raping a grade 4, 9-years-old child in the school he teaches.

Subedi, a teacher of Seti Ganesh High School in Daman, Palung had raped the child and was trying to convince the child keep silent. When the parents of the child knew about the crime, the villagers tried to kill Subdei before police took him under their control. While trying to save Subedi, the uniform of one of the police officer was also torn.

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Birthday present of Chhabi to Shilpa Pokharel, leading role in Kismat 2

Hawaldar Suntali music released on Shilpa’s birthday. Video news report :

On the occasion of actress Shilpa Pokharel, the producer Chhabi Raj Ojha organized an event to release the song of his upcoming movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’. Chhabi had invited a lot of film artists and journalists in the event to share the music of his upcoming movie.

After cake cutting for Shilpa’s birthday, the actress of the upcoming movie ‘Kismat 2’ by director Shyam Bhattarai was also announced. Chhabi’s birthday day gift to the actress was the leading actress role to the actress in the upcoming movie.

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‘Hawaldar Suntali’ shooting starts in Hetauda

The shooting of much hyped movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ has started in Hetauda. The movie to be made on the story of a police officer, Suntali Dhami, who was raped in office, is being produced by Chhabi Raj Ojha. The movie featuring Shilpa Pokharel in lead role.

Directed by Rishi Lamichane, ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ also features with Kishor Khatiwada and Sabin Shrestha in leading roles. On the first day of shooting choreographer Kabiraj Gahatraj directed the song featuring Shilpa and Kishor.

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