Rekha Thapa Rampyari release preparation, will Chhabi Raj Ojha postpone Kismat 2?

New movies of Rekha Thapa and her ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha, ‘Rampyari’ and ‘Kismat 2’ are currently scheduled to release on the year end (on Chaitra 26). According to latest sightings, it is likely that Rekha might stick to that date and Chhabi might stay clear of the date. When asked to Chhabi, he denied such change in release date, but my analysis is different from what Chhabi has told.

Video report on analysis:

Additional analysis

After the divorce, every movies Chhabi and Rekha had produced were initially scheduled to release on the same date:

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Top 10 Most popular movies in 2015

As we bid farewell to 2015 and welcome 2016, I am going to look back into last year and evaluate the most popular movies in the year. There were less number of viewers when compared to previous years. We lost a lot of visitors after the earthquake on April 25.The following ranking is obtained from 60 lakh pageviews xnepali received in 2015.

The top 10 movies by viewers count in xnepali website (in reverse order) are:

10. Kabaddi

The movie by Ram Babu Gurung featuring Dayahang Rai, Nischal Basnet was the superhit movie of 2014. I am surprised it falls in 10th place. I had expected it to be somewhere higher. (Watch ‘Kabaddi’ here)

‘Tandav’ nearly knocked ‘Kabaddi’ out of this list. (Watch ‘Tandav’ here)

9. Jerryy

The movie featuring Anmol KC with his girlfriend Anna Sharma was liked by the youths. The movie became very successful and had established Anmol KC as a horse of a long race. (Watch ‘Jerry’ here)

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Five types of Nepali movies (with links to example movies)

A friend in Twitter, Rakesh, has categorized the Nepali movies in four different  types. Although the categorization is done very loosely and the boundary of this categorization is extremely blurry, such a categorization can give a rough guide on what a particular movie is like. I think, there is room for improvement in this categorization so that one can easily decide on whether to watch the movie or not. There is a possibility that some movies might fall in more than one category. Let’s review each category in detail with examples.

  1. Masala Nepali movies
  2. New Age Nepali movies
  3. Nepali movies for youth
  4. B and C Grade Nepali movies
  5. Historical and Art Nepali movies

Video presentation:

Masala Nepali movies

Masala Nepali movies contain all the different entertaining aspects of movies. They are the mix of comedy, family drama, action, music and love all stuffed in a movie to appeal all types of viewers. They might contain all these ingredients (masala) or some of them. These types of movies are less risky and hence, the established film producers prefer to go with these type of movies.

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10 movies of the year by Box Office Club include Kohinoor and Nai Nabhannu La 2

Box Office Film Club has honored 10 movies in an event held in Nagarkot at the end of the year 2071. Like previous years, the Club has selected the most successful movies in the year. Out of the movies released on the last Friday of 2070 to the last end of 2071 top ten movies were awarded with different honors.

The movie ‘Kohinoor’ was awarded the Super Duper Bumper Block Buster movie of the year 2071. The movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ (watch ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ here) was awarded Super Duper Hit honor. ‘Kabaddi’ (watch ‘Kabaddi’ here) and ‘Jerryy’ (watch ‘Jerryy’ here) were awarded Hit movie honors.

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Top 5 movie songs of the year 2071

The success and the failure of a movie is also determined by the success or failure of the music and soundtrack of the movie. For that reason, the film makers allocate considerable amount of resources in the music composition and the preparation of the music videos. On the occasion of the New Year 2072, we have compiled the top 5 movie songs of the year.

Out of 84 movies released in 2071, only a few movies were successful in the year and some had catchy music and others didn’t.

1. Jalama of ‘Resham Filili’

One of the songs of the upcoming movie ‘Resham Filili’ titled ‘Jalama …’ became a super hit song of the year. The official music video of the lyrical soundtrack is yet to be released. Various cover versions and duplicate music videos of the song are prepared all over the world. The film makers have decided not to release the official music video until the release of the movie.

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Nepali Movie – Himmatwali

Nepali Movie – Himmatwali
StarringRekha Thapa, Sudarshan Gautam, Abhaya Chand, Deepak Oli, Puskar Bhata etc.
Director – Rekha Thapa

The first movie of actress Rekha Thapa as a director, ‘Himmatwali‘ was  a hit movie. In addition to directing Rekha has also written the story and produced the movie. Her mother, Saraswati Thapa is named the producer of the movie. The movie features the music of Basanta Sapkota, Camera by Ramsharan Upreti. Rekha has thanked Dhermendra Marbeita (FDB chief at that time) and Shabir Shrestha at the start of the movie. New presentation in the movie are Sudarshan Gautam and Rabin Hood Sen

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Rekha Thapa film Himmatwali released all over Nepal and Gopi Krishna Theater

In spite of the government instruction to the film theaters not to release the movie, Rekha Thapa‘s new movie ‘Himmatwali‘ is released in theaters all over Nepal including Gopi Krishna Theater in Kathmandu.

The government had asked the theater owners to ‘implement the agreement’ and release new Nepali films only on Fridays in theaters in Kathmandu. But the theater owners have broken the decade-long trend of releasing new movies on Fridays by releasing Himmatwali in one of the theaters in Kathmandu.

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Himmatwali release delayed in Kathmandu

UPDATE: The movie release wasn’t delayed. Rekha Thapa has confirmed that the movie has released in Kathmandu (at least in Gopi Krishna theater and probably in other theaters too).

The government has stopped the movie scheduled to release on theater against an usual practice of releasing Nepali movies on Fridays. Rekha Thapa‘s movie ‘Himmatwali‘ was told to be releasing on Fulpati festival, falling on Wednesday, not on Friday as agreed previously.

According to an agreement between the Film Producer association and Film Association on Shrawan 23, 2060, "Any new Nepali movies can only be released on Fridays." Based on that agreement, the Communication ministry has asked FDB to stop the release against the agreement.

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Rekah Thapa didn’t show up in the convention in the USA

Rekha Thapa and Sudarshan Gautam didn’t show up in the ANMA – NASeA Joint convention organized in Denver Colorado from August 29 to August 31, 2014. Rekha was scheduled to premier her upcoming movie ‘Himmatwali’ and meet the guests of the event. But, the premier show was canceled at the last minute and Rekha and Sudarshan also didn’t show up in the program to meet the guests.

The convention was organized at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Denver International Airport. Rekha had arrived there on September 27 with her mother Saraswati Thapa.
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Trailer war ? Lazza trailer released days after that of Himmatwali

The trailer of Chhabi Raj Films’ movie ‘Lazza’ was released few days after the release of trailer of Rekha Films’ movie ‘Himmatwali’. Although they are not directly competing with each other, Chhabi Raj Ojha and Rekha Thapa have been indirect rivals after their divorce.

We compared two trailers and found that they are quite different trailers. We want to leave the decision to you to conclude which one seems like a better movie.

Please comment after watching these two trailers:

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Himmatwali trailer released, can Rekha Thapa recreate the magic?

The trailer of Rekha Film’s upcoming movie ‘Himmatwali’ has been released online. In the movie, Rekha Thapa has romanced with the amputee actor Sudarshan Gautam. Rekha and Sudarshan have romanced in the movie and have also publicly admitted that they love each other in real life. The movie marks the debut of Sudarshan as an actor, debut of Rekha as a director, use of camel for the first time in Nepali movie and so on. The success or the failure of the movie would determine the future of Rakha as a director and producer.

After the release of songs of the movie, Rekha as decided to release the trailer. Although the tune of the first release ‘Kali timro nazarle …’ was liked by the audience, the choreography had failed the expectations. Other songs faired average.  It is no secret that Rekha’s ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha had established Rekha is Nepali film industry. The fact if she could fly alone or not will be determined by ‘Himmatwali’.

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Sudarshan Gautam says he might marry Rekha Thapa

In an interview with DC Nepal, amputee Nepali actor Sudarshan Gautam has told that he can marry the actress Rekha Thapa. Sudarshan debuted as an actor in Rekha Films production Nepali movie ‘Himmatwali’.

Gautam, a resident of Canada, is currently in Nepal promoting his debut movie. He also climbed the Mt. Everest setting a world record of being the first person to climb the highest mountain with no hands.

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Find the difference – Himmatwala and Himmatwali, Rekha Thapa did that again

Here are the names of two different films – of two different languages. Can you find the differences between the names in the following photo?

Let me help you – the differences are:

  • The first movie is in Bhojpuri Language the second is in Nepali language.
  • You can watch the first movie in full (attached below), the second one will release in Dashain of 2071.
  • The ‘Himmatwala’ actor is a Nepali hero, Biraj Bhatt and the ‘Himmatwali’ hero is a Nepali actress Rekha Thapa.
  • The second film name has a “li” at the end.

Apart from that, the name is confusing. It’s not only the name, the fonts used are also similar and the color gradient in the name are also same – red to yellow.

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Rekha Thapa found a new boyfriend, Sudhu

The affair between actress Rekha Thapa and the actor of ‘Himmatwali’, Sudarshan Gautam was revealed when Rekha chartered a helicopter to attend a program. Rekha and Sudarshan expressed their love in Facebook posts. In the post the actress addressed Sudarshan by ‘Sudhu’ and Sudarshan called Rekha ‘Kanchu’.

Commenting to a photo of Rekha beside the helicopter Sudarshan said, “Such a very hard to spend a minute without you. I am really sorry to send you far. Miss you so much.” Rekha’s responded by saying, “Thank you. Love you a lot. Take care.”

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Himmatwali poster released on new year

The poster of action movie ‘Himmatwali’ was released on the New Year – 2071. The movie initially directed by Shyam Bhattarai was replaced by actress and producer Rekha Thapa herself. Rekha is accused of using Shyam Bhattarai to shot the most difficult parts of the movie and sending him away after that.

Taking the cue of the success of her previous movie ‘Kali‘ which was released in Dashain festival, the new movie is also scheduled to release on Dashain festival.

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