HDNepal.com hastily changed – no more Hollywood movies in the site

After we published the screenshots and details on how hdnepal.com is doing the similar business as that of the site being run by Kasaju brothers, the site has removed the reference to the movies it was selling.

The front page of the site is redesigned and reference to movies is completely removed. Here are the comparison on how they have changed the layout of the site:


In the figure above, two screenshots are shown side-by-side, one on right before we published about them and that on left was taken after we published the post about them. It can be seen that, the contact details were stripped-off of the owner’s name and much more details. Now, it only has a phone number and location place name. The sidebar is hastily changed to remove the reference to HD Movies and 3D Movies.

In the Figure below the cover arts of various movies and ‘coming soon’ sign are also removed.

Although the site design is changed, their business would probably be running in Babar Mahal. givemehd.com and hdnepal.com should only a few such business being run in Nepal.

Even if these operators are punished, more will come up in Nepal. General residents in Nepal can’t afford the movies in the original price. I think, the only step to stop such illegal trading, is to market the movies in a highly subsidized rate.

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