Nir Shah, list of movies in xnepali

Actor, director, producer, script writer, lyricist, poet and a businessman; Nir Shah is a multifaceted personality in Nepali movie industry. Nir helped in establishing Nepal Television in 1984. After that, he started acting, directing and producing movies. After he left Nepal Television, he also started his own cable television network and a television channel Shangrila Channel in 2003. Nir Shah is one of the co-producers of Oscar nominated 1999 movie ‘Himalaya’ (or ‘Caravan’). He had produced movies like Jeevan Sathi, Siudo Ko Sindoor, Seto Bagh and Masan.

All the movies of Nir Shah available in xnepali:

Last 100 movies of Nir Shah :
Nepali Movie – Rakshya
Nepali Movie – Fagu
Nepali Movie – Mamata (Rajesh Hamal, Rekha Thapa, Bipana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Ho Yehi Maya Ho (Rajesh Hamal, Karishma)
Nepali Movie – Dasgaja (Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil Upreti, Nawal Khadka)
Nepali Movie – Brakefail (2011) Rajesh Hamal, Richa Ghimire
Nepali Movie – Mukhauta (Saugat Malla, Rajesh Hamal, Dayahang Rai)
Nepali Movie – Maya Namara
Nepali Movie – Paradeshi Kancha
Nepali Movie – Kancha (Rajesh, Karishma, Jal Shah)
Nepali Movie – Kasam
Nepali Movie – Nagad Narayan (Rajesh Hamal, Bipana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Pooja (Rajesh, Karishma)
Nepali Movie – Shakuntala (Rajesh Hamal, Anu Shah)
Nepali Movie – Pareli (Rajesh Hamal, Ramesh upreti, Bipana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Anamol (Rajesh Hamal, Rejina Upreti)
New Nepali Movie – Ujyalo Nepal (Rajesh Hamal, Bijaya Lama, Gauri Malla)
Nepali Movie – Raju Raja Ram (Bhuwan KC, Rajesh Hamal, Shiva Shrestha)
Nepali Movie – Kina Kina (Na Jaane Kyun) Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar
Nepali Movie – Insaf (Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil, Jharana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Maidan (Rajesh Hamal, Biraj Bhatt, Rekha Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Dulahi (Rajesh Hamal, Sumina Ghimire)
Nepali Movie – Jaya Hos (2012)
Nepali Movie – Maryo Ni Mayale Maryo
Nepali Movie – Maato
Nepali Movie – Afnopan
Nepali Movie – Gurudakshina (2011)
Nepali Movie – Dharma (2011)
Nepali Movie – Luv Kush
Nepali Movie – Dobato
Nepali Movie – Chakrabyuha
Nepali Movie – Maryada
Nepali Movie – Mausam
Nepali Movie – Khola Wari Khola Pari
Nepali Movie – Mailee
Nepali Movie – Raghubir
Nepali Movie – Mato Bolcha
Nepali Movie – Bahadur
Nepali movie – Chor
Nepali Movie – Hero
Nepali Movie – Trishul
Nepali Movie – Jindagani
Nepali Movie – Night Queen
Nepali Movie – Tadap
Nepali Movie – Papi Manche (Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil, Sanchita, Karishma, Dilip)
Nepali Movie – Avatar
Nepali Movie – Siudoko Sindoor (Rajesh Hamal, Niruta Singh, Jharana Bajracharya)
Nepali Movie – Aakal
Nepali Movie – Papi
Nepali Movie – Manma Maya
Nepali Movie – Krishna
Nepali Movie – Panchhi
Nepali Movie – Surakshya
Nepali Movie – Chalchitra
Nepali Movie – Adhikar
Nepali Movie – Dautari
Nepali Movie – Sanyas
Nepali Movie – Gham Chhaya
Nepali Movie – Pratikchya
Nepali Movie – Shankar
Nepali Movie – Deuki
Nepali Movie – Manko Tukra
Nepali Movie – Maya Basechha
Nepali Movie – Maya Baiguni
Nepali Movie – Dhuk Dhuki
Nepali Movie – Maya’s Bar
Nepali Movie – Bhagya Le Jurayo
Nepali Movie – Aawara
Nepali Movie – Chatyang
Nepali Movie – Jiwandata
Nepali Movie – Saurya
Nepali Movie – Faisala
Nepali Movie – Goreto
Nepali Movie – Jetho Kancho
Nepali Movie – Sathi
Nepali Movie – Sindoor Pote
Nepali Movie – Shakti
Nepali Movie – Je Bho Ramrai Bho
Nepali Movie – Chor Sipahi
Nepali Movie – Kawach
Nepali Movie – Saubhagya
Nepali Movie – Rajniti
Nepali movie – Ajambari Nata
Nepali Film – Pale Dai
Nepali Movie – Sapana
Nepali Movie – Bardaan
Nepali movie – Dukha
Nepali movie – Sahasi
Nepali Movie – Bhariya
Nepali Movie – Pardeshi
Nepali Movie – Sapath
Nepali Movie – Didi Bhai
Nepali Movie – Aama Ko Kakh
Nepali Movie – Hami Taxi Driver
Nepali Movie – Zanjeer (Bhojpuri)
Nepali Movie – Daanveer
Nepali Movie – Bato Muni Ko Phool
Nepali Movie – Rang
Nepali Movie – Facebook
Nepali Movie – Chandrawati
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Movies of Jiwan Luitel

Actor Jiwan Luitel is known as one of the most popular actors in Nepali film industry these days. The movies of Jiwan Luitel available in xnepali:

Here is the list of full movies featuring Jiwan Luitel in xnepali:

Nepali Movie – Sukulgunda (Jiwan Luitel, Khusbu Khadka)
Nepali Movie – Radha (Jiwan Luitel, Sanchita Luitel)
Nepali Movie – Blackmail
Nepali Movie – Lakeside (Only description )
Nepali Movie – Tirkha (Jiwan Luitel, Poojana Pradhan, Nandita KC)
Nepali Movie – Refugee
Nepali Movie – Baazigar (2016)
Nepali Movie – Kafal Pakyo
Nepali Movie – Thuli
Nepali Movie – Jaun Hinda Pokhara
Neplai Movie – Kasam Hajurko
Nepali Movie – Bhool Bhulaiyaa
Nepali Movie – Stupid Man
Nepali movie – Mero Euta Sathi Chha
Nepali Movie – Nai Nabhannu La 2
Nepali Movie – Bindaas 2
Nepali Movie – Deep Shikha
Nepali Movie – Rhythm
Nepali Movie – Nasib Afno
Nepali Movie – Malati ko Bhatti
Nepali Movie – Sano Sansar (2008)

Profile of Jiwan Luitel

Jiwan is married to Anjali Luitel. They have two children – a daughter (Zara Luitel) and a son (Hridaan Luitel). Jiwan’s daughter was born on June 22, 2015. His son is a year and half older than the daughter (news of the birth of Jiwan’s son).

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List of Nepali movies released in 2069

In 2069 more than twice the amount of movies were made when compared to movies released in 2068. There were 116 movies released in the year 2069. That is almost equivalent to one movie releasing every three days.

Monthly chart of movie released in 2069:

You can see, Ashad had the highest number of the release of new movies – 16 movies.  Bhadra had 13 new releases. This is a huge increased when compared with the chart we posted last year.

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Mero Cinema Popular Award – Voting going on for the winner

A new experiment in Nepali movie industry, a website, merocinema had announced an online award on December 3rd, 2010. After the nomination round, the public voting is going on for the selection of the winners. The final winner will be announced in January.

The nomination for the best movie are:

  • Kohi Mero
  • Dashdhunga
  • Baato Muniko Phool
  • Desh
  • First Love

    In the similar manner, there are 17 categories and the completion is among 39 movies released in the year 2010 form January t
    o November. Please visit to vote for your favorite choice in each categories. A person can only vote once in each category on a given day.

    With due respect and support to the award ceremony, I have some reservation on the fairness in popular votes method to choose the winner. A latest example is the Time person of the year selection. Time magazine asked its readers to select the person of the year – the Wikileaks founder was leading by a vast majority of popular votes. But, the final announcement was different from what everybody expected – the Facebook guy Mark Zuckerberg won the Time Person of the Year.

  • hastily changed – no more Hollywood movies in the site

    After we published the screenshots and details on how is doing the similar business as that of the site being run by Kasaju brothers, the site has removed the reference to the movies it was selling.

    The front page of the site is redesigned and reference to movies is completely removed. Here are the comparison on how they have changed the layout of the site:

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    Increasing number of Film related Nepali websites

    With increased number of films being made in recent time, film related websites are also in increasing trends. I have reviewed some film related websites.

    The first film related magazine in Nepal was ‘Kamana‘ but they never made a good enough website to talk about. The group that publishes Kamana is not that interested in website and they are pretty happy with the printed publication. The screenshot on the right speaks volumes on its online presence.

    As far as I know, the first dedicated film related website was The site is still there but it doesn’t get updated that frequently. The site is full of age-old stories that no one is interested in.

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    Movies released in 2066 BS

    The Nepali movie industry saw a bit of a relief as compared to the previous years in 2066 BS. The number of movies being produced was increased and those released in the year have done satisfactory business. Most of the movies did average business. Some of the high expected movies like ‘Kusume Rumal 2′ couldn’t do good business and some unexpected movies like ‘Eku’ took the stage and did better than average business in the year 2066.

    Although there was quantitive increase in moves, qualitive increase couldn’t be seen with a few exception. Most of the movies had stories copied from some foreign movies. The extreme of which could be seen in the copy-cat posters.

    Movies screened in 2066

    According to the statistics of Nepal Cinema Development authority, the Censor Board has censored 42 Nepali movies including 29 celluloid and 13 digital ones. But, among those 42 movies only 27 have made it to the theater. Other 15 are in queue to get their chance to get slot in the cinema hall and will probably be screened in 2067.

    The 27 movies released in 2066 are:

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    ‘God Lives in the Himalayas’ being screened successfully in Australia

    After being successful in the first week, ‘God Lives in the Himalayas’ (GLITH) is extended for the second week in Melbourne, Australia. World Theatrical Premiere of ‘God Lives in the Himalayas’ was done on 25th March, 2010 at the Greater Union Melbourne City Cinema, Australia.

    According the the press release, the Hall is going to screen the movie till April 7, 2010. The movie will be shown for the third week if the movie can do half the business it did in the first week. The movie is planned to be screened in other cities in Australia in future. Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinemas in Brisbane will screen the movie from April 15. Beverly Hill Hall, Sydney will start screening the movie from May 6.

    GLITH, based on child psychology, is directed by Sanjay Sriniwas. Various popular actors and actresses like Malvika Subba, Melina Manandhar, Dhiren Shakya, and Sunil Thapa have acted in the movie. Child actors Bijwol Giri (Siddharth), Sagun KC (Ali), Bob Karanjeet (Raju), and Sapna KC (Druki) are in the main role in the movie. English sub-titles are added in the movie to make it easier for the foreigners to understand it.

    Movie Story

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    Ma Timi Bina Marihalchu best in the KTV Film Award 2066

    NEFTA KTV Film Award 2066 took place at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza on December 16, 2009. ‘Ma Timi Bina Marihalchu’, a film by Bhuwan KC, won the award for Best Film. Bhuwan KC himself won Best Actor award for the same movie and the actress of the movie, Jharana Thapa, also won the Best Actress award. The movie bagged a total of nine awards including best singer, dress design, fight direction, script and editing.

    Kishor Rana got the Best Director award for his movie ‘Mr. Mangale’. Mr. Mangale became the second best movie with six awards including best dialogue, best character actor, best comedy actor, child actor, and best background music. Movies ‘Silsila’ and ‘Sandesh’ bagged three awards each.

    Rajesh Hamal was awarded the Mahanayak, based on his overall acting career. Similarly, Dr. Bhola Rijal was awarded with the Life-time Achievement Award.

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