Hits FM Music awards 2066

Anju Panta and Shreya Sotang won two awards each in the 13th Hits FM music award, 2066. Anju was awarded with the Best Female Vocal Performance and Best Record of the Year for Ghazal song ‘Nabirse Timilai…’ (video attached below).

Shreya Sotang was awarded with Best Pop Vocal Female and the Best New Artist award. It is to be noted that Shreya is daughter of Uday and Manila Sotang, who also won the Best Vocal Collaboration title.

This year’s Hits FM Music Award paid its tribute to the veteran music composer and singer late Ram Thapa for his unforgettable contributions to Nepali music industry.

The lyricist and music composer Dr Ram Man Trishit was felicitated with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jagadish Samal was awarded with the best male singer of the year. Dipeshkishor Bhattarai was awarded Best Pop Vocal Male. Ram Krishna Dhakal was awarded with Best Pop/Rock Vocal Performance of the year. Best film song award was given to Satya Raj and Sworoop Raj Acharya.  The Album of the Year title was awarded to Sailesh Singh´s Sandhi album.

Best Folk Album of the Year was awarded to Chakra Bhusan Rai for his album Gudi Jane Rail. The Best Folk Record of the Year was awarded to Krishna Devkota, Ram Sitaula was awarded for the Best Pop Composition. Fanindra Rai got Best Music Arranger title and Lochan Rijal was awarded the Best Rock Composition award.

With Best Music Composition award to Mahesh Khadka for his music composition in the song ‘Na Birse Timilai…’, the song succeeded in bagging two titles in the ceremony.

Attached below is the music video of the award winning song, sung by Anju Pant and on Mahesh Khadka’s music composition.

In summary details of the 20 awards are as follows:

1. Best New Artist:
   Shreya Sotang – Phoolma Patma
2. Best Pop Composition:
   Ram Sitaula – Pal Pal
3. Best Rock Composition:
   Lochan Rijal – Prashna
4. Best Composition:
   Mahesh Khadka – Na Birsen Timilai
5. Best Arrangement:
   Fanindra Rai – Aao Yadharu
6. Folk Record of the Year:
   Krishna Devkota, Khuman Adhikari, Devi Gharti – Nautunako Rail
7. Folk Album of the Year:
   Chakra Bhusan Rai – Gudi Jane Rail
8. Best Song Originally Recorded for a Motion Picture Soundtrack:
   Satya/Swaroop Raj Acharya – Shayad
9. Best Vocal Collaboration:
   Manila Sotang / Uday Sotang – Timilai Dekhe Pachhi
10. Best Performance by Group or Duo with Vocal
   The Vibez – Thaki Sake
11. Best Rock Vocal Performance:
   Adrian Pradhan – Akasaiko
12. Best Female Pop Vocal Performance:
   Shreya Sotang -Phoolma Patma
13. Best Male Pop Vocal Performance:
   Dipeesh Kishor Bhattarai – Garnuchha Ramailo
14. Best Female Vocal Performance:
   Anju Panta – Na Birsen Timilai
15. Best Male Vocal Performance:
   Jagdish Samal – Aao Yadharu
16. Pop/Rock Album of the Year:
   Ram Krishna Dhakal – Mero Sathi
17. Album of the Year:
   Sailesh Singh – Sandhi
18. Song of the Year:
   Madhav Prasad Ghimire – Yo Chhayan Chhavi
19. Record of the Year:
   Anju Panta – Na Birsen Timilai
20. Lifetime Achievement Award
   Dr. Ram Man Trishit – Lyricist

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