Flood of Beauty Contests (Update)

There was the time when the government didn’t allow Miss Nepal to be held and this is the time when at least three beauty contests are being held in a week.

Tamang beauty contest, Miss Teen Tamang 2009, is being held on December 25 (Poush 10). As I wrote previously, Newari beauty contest, Miss Newa 2009, is being held on December 30 (Poush 14). And, Republica Miss Teen, supposed to be held on December 21 has moved to December 31 (Poush 16) due to the Maoist’s nationwide general strike for three days starting Dec 20.

Is that all? Or, did I miss some more beauty contests? 

If the trend continues, someday we might be proud to be called – ‘Nepal, the land of beauties’.

Republica Miss Teen 2009 Participants

republica  miss_teen 

Miss Teen Tamang, 2009 Participants


Miss Newa 2009 Participants

miss newa 2009


I guess, I should mention another similar contest held on the second week of December. The winners of the College Ambassador contest 2009 were Ajita Singh and Suraj Giri. That makes 4 contests in December! Wahoo!

college ambassador 2009

college ambassador 2009 - 3

college ambassador 2009 - 4

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