I will make Priyanka my daughter-in-law, says Ayushman’s mother, Rabina

In an interview, Ayushman’s mother Rabina Desraj said, “I will make Priyanka my daughter-in-law.”

Although parental approval for marriage is a thing of past, it seems the newest love-birds are lucky enough to get the parental endorsement for the marriage. It was Priyanka’s mother Raksha Malhotra’s birthday on June 19, her boyfriend Ayushman Desraj and his mother Rabina Desraj were special guests. After the celebration, they also talked to the media about Priyanka’s relationship with Ayushman.

Watch the interview video:

A day before the interview, Ayushman and Priyanka had kissed in NFDC Award program after winning awards. Priyanka Karki was awarded the best actress award for her role in ‘Chhakka Panja’. Ayushma Desraj was also awarded the best newcomer actor for his role in ‘Chapali Height 2’.

Priyanka Karki relationships

I had talked in detail about Priyanka Karki’s affairs and her marriage in my previous post. I had also prepared a video report about her boyfriends based on a report published in a weekly publication of Nagarik Daily.

Priyanka Karki started acting in an early age – as a child artist. She was featured in a Narayan Puri movie ‘Mahadevi’. Priyanka started as a model when she won Miss Teen 2005 at the age of 18. After that, she acted in TV serials and worked as VJ in various TV programs. He went to the USA for film studies. While in University, she met Rochak Mainali and got married. But, after the completion of the studies she returned back to Nepal and divorced Rochak. Priyanka is 30-years-old now. (30th birthday report)

These are Priyanka’s confirmed and unconfirmed affairs:

  • Karma Shakya (rumoured – unconfirmed)
  • Rochak Mainali (confirmed – marriage and divorce)
  • Anoop Bikram Shahi (rumoured – unconfirmed)
  • Dayahang Rai  (rumoured – unconfirmed)
  • Ayushman Desraj (confirmed)

Read [Boyfriends of Priyanka Karki] for more information

Ayushman Desraj Joshi Affairs

Ayushman was in relationship with a girl when he met his ex-girlfriend Paramita RL Rana. After a lengthy relationship with Paramita, Ayushman broke up before he started seeing Priyanka.

A son of celebrity – banker Rabina Desraj, Ayushman used to be known as a model before he debuted in ‘Chapali Height 2’. The debut movie had Paramita featured opposite to Ayushman. Although it was a sequel of a super hit movie, the movie failed to impress the viewers.

Another interview:

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