Interesting – Bikini pose of Priyanka and to-be mother-in-law Rabina Desraj Joshi

The affair between Priyanka Karki and Ayushman Desraj Joshi is stale now. But, her affair with his mother is still interesting and exciting because – they both look hot in bikini!

Yes, Ayushman’s mother looks hotter than his girlfriend, all because Rabina has given a better skin show in the following photo:

Video report:

Who is Rabina Desraj?

A banker by profession, Rabina has a celebrity status in the Nepali entertainment industry. She is known to promote the celebrities and use their stardom in the banking profession. A mother of two sons, younger of whom has turned 19 a few days ago, still looks young and hot. Both of the sons, Ayushman and Ashirman are actors and models. Ayushman’s debut movie was ‘Chapali Height 2’ and Ashirman’s debut movie is ‘Gangster Blues’.

Although the debut movie didn’t do well as expected, Ayushman is having affair with Priyanka Karki, one of the busiest actress in the film industry. They both are featured together in a couple of upcoming movies including ‘Chhakka Panja 2’.

The affair between the two was widely covered in media because of some of the following reasons:

  • Priyanka had married previously and had divorced five years ago. Her ex-husband had recently married another girl.
  • Before the start of the affair, Ayushman was seeing Paramita RL Rana for years. They were also featured together in ‘Chapali Height 2’. Apart from being actress, Paramita is a well known actress and a singer. Her fans sympathized her when she broke up with Ayushman. Priyanka is believed to be the cause of the breakup.
  • Ayushman used to call Priyanka, a didi (an elder sister). When they started seeing each other, some even ridiculed on the fact that Priyanka is 5 years older than Ayushman.

The affair is no-longer a secret and everybody including Paramita have accepted the fact about their relationship. To be mother in law of Priyanka, Rabina Desraj, had known Priyanka before she had started seeing her son. They are in good terms and the photo in the swimming pool reinforces the fact. Rabina was equally close to Prarmita when she was seeing Ayushman.

It seems, Rabina Desraj is a sharp contrast of the stereotype mothers-in-law of Nepali society. It is to be seen if Rabina will break the traditional sasu-buhari relationship? Please comment.

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