Is Tibet in India?

What would you say if Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) doesn’t know or care about the country’s geography? That is what happened in Nepal. A calendar spotted in a sinior ministry official’s office told that the Mt. Everest is located in Nepal – India border. Mt. Everest is situated in Nepal at the border of Nepal and Tibet – it sure is written below in small letters. Does that mean Tibet is in India?

It is to be noted that the calendar was manufacturered by an India based company.

India had been claiming Buddha was born in India and now they can claim Mt. Everest too. (source)

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  1. Though tibet is not in India but the 75% of their country affairs are controlled by India. They are indirectly under the Control of India. Same way they are trying to creat clash among our political party of Nepal and treat similar way as Tibet. So, we should make our leader aware on that and protect our sovereignty.

  2. why so much venom against india.both countries share so many things in common.there is too much of distrust in nepali people against india for no reason.the problems of nepal are problems in india as well.there is unemployment and povertyhere also.india doesnt hav any plans for annexing nepal,and this is evident from last so many years.border of nepal is the most peaceful till now

  3. The day is not far off, when the whole Nepal will also be one of the many states on India, just like Sikkim, etc. In fact Nepali people will them self offer this to India, as you pahadi people cannot govern your own country. You only like to have raksi, maasu, & are good for household work & that also away from your own country…….your beautifull ketis are just good for fucking around, infact your ketis can be the biggest foreign exchange earners for your country……..

  4. yap, indians claim all the good things in the world to be theirs, but behind the curtain there is truth….nomatter what, Lord budda was born in Nepal & Mt. Everest is also in nepal,
    this cant be changed.

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