First time in history, Indian Foreign Minister apologizes for saying Modi addressed ‘Indians’ in Janakpur

Indian Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj, has apologised for saying PM Narendra Modi addressed ‘Indians’ during his Nepal tour earlier this month. While talking to MEA’s annual press conference she told, “Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister of the country who has from America’s Madison Square to Nepal’s Janakpur addressed lakhs of Indian”

A video report:

Right after the news of her statement were published in Nepali media, Nepali public and politicians started questioning Swaraj’s intention. Nepali Congress leader and a Member of Parliament, Gagan Thapa tweeted:
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Friday Fun – Lungi girls viral photo is Fake, here is the TRUTH

There was a viral photo of some girls wearing lungi – a traditional attire worn by men in India. The story goes like:

A college in Kerala, India recently banned jeans in the college. The girls were irritated by the decision of the college and they decided to go to college in lungi instead. The college is trying to figure out how to response to those girls.

But, the ‘Kerala’ lungi girls viral photo news is totally FAKE although the photo is in doctored. The truth is:
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Interesting, Rajesh Hamal craze in India

Craze of Nepali actor, Rajesh Hamal was also seen in a program held in Chandigarh, India. Hamal had completed his Master’s Degree in English literature in the Punjab University located in Chandigarh. He had spent a lot of time in India when he went there with his parents as a child. He had started his schooling in New Delhi when his father was a diplomat there. He later went to Pakistan and Russia before returning to India to complete his studies.

Rajesh Hamal in India report:

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Rajesh Hamal, was the Sovereign states protocol broken? Bidhya Devi Bhandari India visit

At the time when the Indian President Pranab Mukharjee visited Nepal, five months ago, the Nepali superstar, Rajesh Hamal had written the following status:

“The head of the present Nepal government who ironically, once upon a time propagated the concept of ‘New Nepal’ has in course of time shaken the very foundation of being Nepali. The protocol amongst sovereign states should be on a reciprocal basis…”

The President of Nepal visited India on April 17, 2017. While Pranab Mukharjee was welcomed by the President, the Vice President, the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and a lot of top level officials in Nepal, India’s reciprocal was really disappointing.

Video report:

In the beginning there was nobody to welcome the president of Nepal at the airport. Nepali ambassador to India Deep Kumar Upadhaya welcomed the president when she got out of the airplane. The Indian government didn’t sent any high level officials but a deputy minister of the ministry unrelated to Nepal was sent to receive Bhandari. Krishna Raj, the deputy ministry of Women and Children Ministry, welcomed Bhandari.

A video report about the statement of Rajesh Hamal:
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Rajesh Hamal’s inspirational speech at Sharada University, Delhi

A while ago, Nepali superstar Rajesh Hamal was in New Delhi during his tour for the Quiz program he has been running for the last few years. Hamal was invited by the Nepali students at Sharada University to meet and greet them. During the event, Rajesh Hamal gave an Inspiring speech.

Watch the video highlights of the inspirational speech:

Summary of the speech:

  • Rajesh Hamal started his kindergarten in Pakistan when his father was posted at the Nepali Embassy in Pakistan.
  • Next year, his father was posted at the Nepali embassy in India. Hamal studied his grade 1 in New Delhi.
  • Later, in the 1980s, his father was again posted in New Delhi as the ambassador. Hamal lived in India from the early 80s to 1989, till the time he started acting in Nepali movies.
  • Hamal’s father was later posted in Pakistan, where he breathed his last breath.
  • Hamal told that he spent “the prime time” of his life in Delhi and was deeply connected to the place. He saw himself in the students in the audience. He remembered the fun time he had, foods he ate, and the unbearable heat he had to go through.
  • When he started acting in Nepali movies, it was a very uncertain time. Nepali movies were made every one or two years and there was no career as an actor. His family members were not supportive to his choice of profession.
  • But, as the time passed the Nepali movie industry also progresses. His popularity and the film industry grew simultaneously.
  • Hamal tells everybody to follow their passion. They should give their inner desire a try.

In Hamal’s words, “I tried something new …. Do not hesitate to try something new. Give it a try. You never know, you might reach the place where no one else has reached before.”

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Miss Earth India, Aaital Khosla shows the beauty of Nepal, claiming it to be India

Miss Earth India, Aaital Khosla has prepared a promotional video to introduce herself and her country. The promotional video is an amazing video showing the natural beauty of the land she claimed to be located in India. But, in fact, almost every part of the video is located in Nepal. In one of the scenes, Nepali vehicles and traffic police can be seen while Aaital tells, “India is one of the leading carbon-di-oxide emission in the world.”

kathmandu streets in Miss Earth India video

Video report:

The mountains and the beautiful scenarios from Nepal are actually very beautiful and it turned out that the full video was copied from the video prepared by the aerial cinema team of Teton Gravity Research. The original video is available in Vimeo:

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Nepali artists rally against Indian blockade and Terai protest

To protest the economic blockade of India, and to ask the government to take proper steps in solving the problem in Terai, Nepali artists had teamed up to participate in a rally organized in Kathmandu on November 24, 2015. In the rally organized by Chalchitrakarmi Rastirya Jagaran Abhiyan, film artists, music artists and television artists and genera public were present.

A video report of the protest:

The participants of the rally had expressed their concerns toward the public and the hardship they have faced because of the lack of things of daily needs. They have asked the government to be serious in fulfilling the demands of the protesting parties in Terai. Almost everybody in the rally were carrying the flag of Nepal and were carrying placards with their demands.

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Nepali Film industry suffers as India blocks petroleum

Because of the shortage in petroleum after India blocked the tankers from entering Nepal at the border, Nepali film industry has suffered a lot. As the vehicular movement is restricted in Nepal, the release of new movies have been canceled and film shooting have been delayed.

‘Destination Kathmandu’ release canceled

According to reports, the movie scheduled to release this Friday – ‘Destination Kathmandu’ has been canceled at the last minute. According to the executive director Madhusudhan Bhattarai, director Deepak Rayamajhi‘s last movie will not release on October 2 as planned before. The movie featuring Dilip Rayamajhi and Jharana Thapa in leading role was halted for a while after the death of the director Deepak Rayamajhi in 2011. Later, Madhusudhan had completed the movie.

This is the second time the movie release has been postponed. Previously the movie was scheduled to release on May 8 but, because of the earthquake of April 25, the movie release was delayed.

The movie previously released in Kathmandu, ‘Woda Number Chha’ is going to release in theaters out of Kathmandu on this Friday.

Shooting halted

Because of the problem in transportation, the shooting of Bhuwan KC‘s debut movie as the director, ‘Dreams’ shooting has also been affected. The resumption of the shooting of Bhuwan’s song Anmol KC starrer movie is uncertain.

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Biraj Bhatt and Reema BK in Pune

The popular film artists of Nepal Biraj Bhatt and actress Reema Bishowkarma heated the Nepali audience in Pune in the occasion of Holi. In the musical event organized by the Nepali community in Pune, artists like Bhagirathi Chalaune, Kalpana Dahal, Sushmita Burlakoti, Hitesh Karmakar, Pamfa Dangol and other performed on the stage.

The dance of Biraj Bhatt with Reema BK was specially a hit number because of it being interesting and provocative in nature.

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'Visa Girl' to release in India

Although the much publicized Nepali movie ‘Visa Girl’ couldn’t do good business in Nepal, the producers are trying their luck in India. On the occasion of Christmas (December 25, 2012), the movie will be premiered in Gangtok, Sikkim.

The lead actors in ‘Visa Girl’, Binaya Shrestha and Richa Sharma are also the co-producers of the movie. The movie directed by Prachanda M Shrestha also features Karma, Reshamdas Shrestha, Menuka Pradhan, Reema Bishowkarma and Saloni Rajbhandari in addition to Bina
ya and Richa, in main roles. 

Tulsi Ghimire – Nepali director

Movies of Tulsi Ghimire :
Nepali Movie – Uma (Reecha Sharma, Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai)
Nepali movie – Darpan Chhaya 2 (Puspal, Sahara, Shraddha)
Nepali Movie – Kusume Rumal
Nepali Movie – Chino (Shiva Shrestha, Kristi Mainali)
Nepali Movie – Anyaya
Nepali Movie – Mrigatrishna
Nepali Movie – Maya Ta Maya Ho (Update)
Nepali Movie – Sukha Dukha
Nepali Movie – Bijaya Parajaya
Nepali Movie – Saait
Nepali Movie – Angalo Angaloma
Nepali Movie – Dui Thopa Aansu
Nepali Movie – Dui Kinara
Nepali Movie – Deuta
Nepali Movie – Lahure (1989)

One of the successful directors of the Nepali film industry, Tulsi Ghimire apart from being a good film director he is equally successful screenwriter, editor, cameraman, actor and lyricist.

Tulsi Ghimire was born in Sindeybong, Kalimpong, Darjeeling in India in 1951 (BS 2008 Ashad 31). Tulsi is the eldest son of Dhojman Ghimire and Narbada Ghimire and has two younger brothers and a sister. Tulsi Ghimire completed Bachelor of Arts from Kalingpong College. He entered film line after working in a job for some time.

He is married to Bharati Ghimire (Gazmer), a well known singer in many of his films. His brother Shrawan Ghimire is also a successful film producer. Tulsi’s children Bhawana Ghimire and Panchami Ghimire, have also acted in a Nepali movie for children “Swarg Ko Pari”.

Tusli Ghimire initially moved to Mumbai from Kalimpong in 1974 to work in the Indian film industry, Bollywood. Tulsi’s mentor and Bollywood editor Kamlakar Karkhanis had advised him to make Nepali movies at that time. Tusli debuted in Nepali movie industry by starting the Nepali movie “Bansuri” in 1981 as the director. Tulsi Ghimire made the second movie, Kusume Rumal, on his own story story and it was very successful.

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Tulsi Ghimire, life in his own words

Following text is compiled from an interview of Tulsi Ghimire. In the text he has explained how he has started his career in the movie industry and his initial struggle.


I had a feeling that I had to be popular in any cost. From the childhood I was attracted to movie sector. Born in Kalingpong in India, I used to go to the shootings that were done in the area. My parents had suggested me to become a person who is “understood by the king and known to the people”.

Click on the image below for the profile of Tulsi Ghimire and the list of Tulsi’s movie posted in xnepali:


In my childhood I studied in Mani Memorial Primary School in Sindebung. Although there were classes for up to grade 4, I left the school after second grade.  In the school, they had an unique way of teaching the alphabets – the teacher used to write the alphabets in floor and we used to lay small pebbles on top of it. From grade 3 to grade 11 I studied in Scottish University Mission Institute (SUMI). Up to grade 5 we didn’t wear any footwear. There was no school dress.

Bombay (Mumbai) Journey

In around 1973 there was a shooting of a Hindi movie, “Romeo in Sikkim” in Sikkim. I went there and met the cameraman to tell that I was crazy to get into film making. He told, “If you are crazy enough why don’t you come to Bombay?” At the age of 22 I went to Bombay to enter the film industry. I went to the cameraman’s home. But, his house wasn’t what I expected. He told me to ‘struggle’.

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Should 'Jannat 2' be banned in Nepal?

No, we don’t think so!

Nepali film critics and Film Development Board of Nepal think that a Bollywood movie "Jannat2" be banned in Nepal. The movie shows a scene about illegal weapons being supplied from Pakistan to India through Nepal. The censor board however hasn’t found anything fishy on the scene and has permitted the movie to be shown in Nepal.

In the modern time, some critics think censoring a movie in itself is a questionable practice. Censoring or banning a movie only on the fact that Nepal is shown to be a  transit point of some weapon doesn’t qualify as an issue to
be given of much importance. We all know the lack of proper security in our transit point. Hiding the truth doesn’t solve problem.

We have a few questions to the people who think the movie should be banned:

  • Does banning a movie based on one of it’s scene based on a fiction plot give a good message?
  • Shouldn’t the government learn from such movies and try to stop such practices, if any?
  • Do everything shown in a movie is true ? If it can be untrue, why debate on it?

Nepal or India, who is grabbing land of other nation?

Usually, it is India that grabs Nepali land. Indian nationals used to be heard of taking benefit of the open Nepal-India border to take over land.

But this time, the story is different according to an Indian television news channel. The channel claims that thousands of villagers in seven border districts of Bihar have lost their land and homes to encroachers from Nepal – triggering a significant rise in violence and conflict along the state’s border with the Himalayan Kingdom.

On Thursday, the online news of CNN-IBN, a prominent Indian news channel, reported :

The land grab, it appears, has its genesis in a warped century old border treaty. The Indian authorities’ inability to ensure pillars demarcating the border stays intact, making it worse.

According to CNN-IBN news, villager Rashud Ansari, has said, Nepal is occupying the land which should be part of Bihar as all the papers for that land are with India and are from India. The local authorities are well aware about this issue but their hand seems tied down. It further writes, “A lot of people here are leaving their homes and are going to other towns because of the amount of problem Nepal is creating in illegally occupying our land,” said Ramesh Kamgaar, a villager.

The report further said, the 600 Km long open Indo-Nepal border is being patrolled by the Sashatra Seema Bal or SSB, India’s border security force. Yet, pillars demarcating the border are regularly uprooted.

CNN-IBN cited Indian intelligence reports which estimates as below: –

716 International border pillars have disappeared along the Indo-Nepal border.

  • 281 pillars out of 716 have been uprooted in Madhubani district,
  • 116 pillars from East Champaran district,
  • 61 from West Champaran and
  • 3 from Araria district.

The report referred the Sugauli treaty signed by the British in 1816, declaring the river Mahakali as the border between the two countries and said the treaty is meaningless as the river has changed course several times southwards into Indian land.

Sai Baba breathed his last breath

The Indian spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba has passed away.

After complications related to heart and respiration, Sai Baba was hospitalized on March 28. He didn’t recover and passed away on Sunday morning at 6:25 am.

Sathya Sai Central Trust, in a media conference held at 11:00 am, has announced that the body will be kept in display in Sai Kulwant Hall on Monday and Tuesday, before performing the final rituals.

The 85-year-old spiritual leader was considered an incarnation of God by many of his followers. Before the final announcement a minister Geeta Reddy and other senior government officials held a conference. The state government has deployed more than 6,000 police
to the town for security of the general people and VIPs.