Is Usha Poudel having an affair with Indian actor Rahul Roy ?

Nobody knows for sure where Nepali actress Usha Poudel has been for the last one and half months. It is rumored that she is having an affair with an Indian actor, Rahul Roy. Rahul Roy was made popular by the Hindi super-hit movie Aashique in the 1990s.

Rahul was in Nepal some 9 months back as a brand ambassador of One Stop shop. At that time, Usha was also selected a brand ambassador of the company and Rahul had announced to produce a Nepali m
ovie taking Usha Poudel as the lead actress. The movie was supposed to start in three months but, nothing is told about it even after half a year of its proposed commencement date.

Usha made news when she told that she wanted to be a virgin mom (the link has a detailed profile of the actress).

Usha started her film career as an actress in Karma, a movie directed by Dayaram Dahal. In more than 40 movies she has acted, the most memorable role as is that of Muna in ‘Muna Madan’, made on the epic of poet Laxmiprasad Devkota.

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