Explicit websites blocked in Nepal

The Nepal Government’s has decided to block all websites containing explicit content and nudity. Now onwards, nobody is allowed to view or host such websites in Nepal. If anybody is found to be violating the order, the person can be fined Rs. 100,000 and/or 5 years in prison.

Last week, the news about the Government’s plan to play a parent’s role came out and I gave 5 reasons it might not be successful. After the official announcement of the government, I still think it is not a good idea to start a complete ban. They could have started informative campaigns or education programs. In this contest quoting a post in a Facebook Group, protesting the Government’s ban seems relevant.

According to Google Insights, Pakistani people are the leaders in searching explicit websites and the country sometimes is called Pornistan for the same reason. Officially, the Pakistani government has banned such sites in Pakistan.

The Police in the headquarter can’t see the Facebook group as Facebook is already banned there.

It is a human nature. A person tries to get hold of the stuff that is out of reach. It is usually seen that banned books are the most popular and banned videos are the most watched online videos.

With these facts, it can safely be assumed that explicit sites will be even more popular in Nepal in the coming days. It is also to be noted that Nepali police are always in a hurry to impose rules before they figure out how to implement it.

Here is a perfect example.