Jhamak Ghimire biopic, Jiwan Kanda ki Phool premiered

The movie made on the life story of popular literary figure, Jhamak Ghimire, has been premiered in a program held in Kathmandu on March 6, 2017. The movie was premiered by Jonta Club Kathmandu – on the International Women’s Day.

The movie produced and directed by Binod Bista is an unique movie of a literately figure who is disabled and writes by her foot. Jhamak Ghimire, born in 1980 in Dhankuta wrote ‘Jiwan Kanda Ki Phool’ by her left foot. The book had won the prestigious Madan Puraskar.

Who is Jhamak Ghimire?

Disabled by birth, Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, is awarded the Madan Puraskar 2067 BS (2011) for her book Jeevan Kanda Ki Phool (Is Life a Thorn or a Flower?). She was the second only female writer to receive the award after another woman writer Parijat received the award in 1965.

Born in July of 1980 in Kachide village development of Dhankuta district with cerebral palsy and has to write with her left foot. Ghimire had started writing with her left foot since she was 15 years-old.

The movie is being made under Bista Brother Films banner and is made on the story of Jhamak Ghimire. The screenplay is prepared by Mukti Upadhaya, music by Prakash Shiwakoti, lyrics by Jhamak and Prakash, cinematographer is Shiva Dhakal, choreographer is Kamal Rai and the movie is produced by the director Binod Bista.

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Jhamaka Ghimire movie – Jeevan Kanda ki Phool song

(Published on February 6, 2017)

A movie based on the life of a disabled literary figure, Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, ‘Jeevan Kanda ki Phool’ is being made. A song from the movie has been recently released. The song features a child artist playing the childhood role of Jhamak Ghimire. She is expressing her happiness when she could write the first letter ‘Ka’ on the floor.

The heart touching song shows the happiness of Jhamak when she could write with her foot. The movie on Ghimire is being directed by Binod Bista. The singer of the song is Junu Gautam, lyrics and music by Prakash Siwakoti.

A film to be made on the life of Jhamak Ghimire

(Published on Feb 2, 2015)

A film on the life of the Madan Puraskar winner literately figure, Jhamak Ghimire is currently in works. The film to be made on the award winning autobiography ‘Jiwan Kanda Ki Phool’ is being produced by Binod Bista of Jagrit Films Pvt. Ltd.

Jhamak Ghimire was born dumb and disabled. She can’t stand up or walk and can’t move her hands. In spite of her disability, Jhamak has been writing with her left foot. She started her literature career by publishing a poem collection book titled ‘Sankalpa’ in 2055BS. So far, she has published about a dozen books.

The movie on the life of the writer is expected to cost around Rs. 6 million.The producers have already obtained the permission from Jhamak and they are looking for the actors to act as sisters of Jhamak.

Photo – Jhamak family with Sabina Rai (photo credit – Sabina Rai)

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