What are 7 Unmarried Miss Nepal doing these days?

After two Miss Nepal got married last year (in 2016), only seven out of 21 Miss Nepal are still unmarried. Miss Nepal 2009, Zenisha Moktan and Miss Nepal 1997, Jharana Bajracharya got married in 2016. Another Miss Nepal, Miss Nepal 1995, Sumi Khadka also married in 2015. The only two remaining Miss Nepals from the 1990s got married in the last two years. The year 2016 had been special as:

  • All the Miss Nepal of 1990s from Miss Nepal 1994 to 1999 are married after the marriage of Jharana in 2016 and Sumi in 2015.
  • All the Miss Nepal of 2000s got married after Zenisha Moktan got married in 2016.
  • All the Miss Nepal of the 2010s are unmarried.

The list of unmarried Miss Nepal as of now (March 2017):

  • Miss Nepal 2010 – Sadichha Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal 2011 – Malin Joshi
  • Miss Nepal 2012 – Shristi Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal 2013 – Ishani Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal 2014 – Subin Limbu
  • Miss Nepal 2015 – Evana Manandhar
  • Miss Nepal 2016 – Asmee Shrestha

I have prepared a video report about these Miss Nepal and their crowning videos. (An update to a previous video made in early 2016, before Asmee was crowned Miss Nepal)

What are unmarried Miss Nepal doing?

Sadichha Shrestha

The Miss Nepal 2010, Sadichha Shrestha, is known for a very beautiful smile. In addition to the crown, Sadichha was also awarded Miss Photogenic, Miss Personality and Miss Catwalk sub-titles in the Miss Nepal contest. Although Sadichha has told that she is not interested in acting or music video modelling, she is active in modelling in advertisement and ramp modelling.

There is little hope of Sadichha entering film industry or music video modelling.

Malina Joshi

Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi, has been active in modelling and acting. She has also worked as a music video model. Malina Joshi debuted in ‘Ritu’, a movie shot in Australia. Although the movie was not successful in the box office, Malina’s acting skill was appreciated. Before debuting as an actress, Malina had also made a special appearance in a song of the movie ‘Kollywood’.

Last year, two of Malina’s movies were released. A movie featuring Malina in leading role, ‘Winner’ was released in November and ‘Jhumkee’ was released in September 2016. None of the movies were much successful in the box office. Malina is currently busy in the shooting of more than one movies including ‘Rani’.

Shristi Shrestha

The Miss Nepal of 2012, Shristi Shrestha, had started modelling before participating in Miss Nepal contest. After winning the contest she continued modelling in Nepal and India. She was also featured in a few music videos in India. She acted in a theatre play of Shakespeare by the British Council. She debuted as an actress in ‘Gajalu’ opposite to Anmol KC. The movie proved to be one of the successful movies of 2016.

Shristi has signed in upcoming movie ‘Lalpurja’ and few other movies. The rumour of her affair with actor Saugat Malla is also trending issue in the Nepali movie industry. Shristi is also active in music video modelling and advertisement modelling.

Ishani Shrestha

Miss Nepal 2013 Ishani Shrestha is not much active in entertainment industry. Ishani is active in social works abut she doesn’t seem to be interested in acting or modelling.

Subin Limbu

The Miss Nepal of 2014 Subin Limbu is also not active in entertainment industry. It seems, she is also not interested to be an actress or a model.

Evana Manandhar

The miss Nepal 2015, Evana Manandhar also is not active in the entertainment field.

Asmee Shrestha
Before participating in Miss Nepal 2016, Asmee was active as a model. So, I hope Asmee will be active in the entertainment field. Her interest and profession will be clear after a new Miss Nepal is crowned. After winning the crown of Miss Nepal, the organizers want they to work only for them and follow the strict guidelines.

Asmee’s true interest will be apparent after a new Miss Nepali is announced sometime in April. There however is no news about the contest yet. I assume – it will be organized in April based on the history of the contest.

Photos of the unmarried Miss Nepal

Hot photo of Asmee Shrestha, the Miss Nepal 2016. Photo credit Anjil Maskey:

Miss Nepal 2015 Evana Manandhar:

Miss Nepal 2014, Subin Limbu:

Miss Nepal 2013, Ishani Shrestha

Swimsuit bikini photo of Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha

Swimsuit photo of Miss Nepal 2011 Malina Joshi:

Sadichha Shrestha photo:

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