Nepali Movie – Jhupadi Ko Jindagi

First movie of Bhutani Nepali
Dedicated to the known and unknown martyers of Bhutani protest
Nepali film – Jhupadi Ko Jindagi
Cast :Cast:: Kedar Upreti (UK), Anita Rai, Anish Thapa, Jita Upreti (UK), Ishowr Aanshu Magr, Malati Rai, Kiran Gurung, Santosh Ramdam, Dipak Dhakal, Shyam Giri etc.
Story/Asst. Director – Kedar Upreti
Direction/script – Santosh Ramdam

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part (Last) 15

27 thoughts on “Nepali Movie – Jhupadi Ko Jindagi

  1. Movie ma rupees halepachi ta kam se kam alik ramro ta bhanaunu chya ma alik ramro actor chahinan jastai garera!!! bharu ma bhahidinthay ne actor LOl!!! movie is wonderful but the actors are dumboo!!

  2. hi i like this first movie of bhutanese.keep it up and do not leave film u r acting is not bad but become confidence while acting ok kedhar

  3. hey congrulation kadhar thats the 1st honest,appresiate thing that u have carried out to our reall history in action,lots of thanks frm bhutness to u man.hope to c u in future in such movie action

  4. hey why you didn’t upload the movie. please can you upload the bhutanese movie Rahashya Aafnopan. i wanna see that movie. so, it’s my request please upload that movie…………keep on going kedar ji…….nice progress and success……….
    by Kinjal …

  5. namaskar
    2 every body. i like 2 watch Jhupadi Ko Jindagi move i try many time but it says no longer avibel plz can u try 2 uplodaded this mivie once more time
    this is my request for person who uploded movie in nepali moves plz uploded this movie as soon as possibel la
    regards: suman

  6. wow,
    i realy like this movie,
    and can somesome plz upload the
    Bhutanese movie Tukriako Mutu
    this is my Request,
    don prince

  7. Hi Kedar i like your flim.Do u know me i am Bishal Mizar (Bichari).I hope that you should not leave the flim line.Congratulation for your best action & smile.

  8. I want to thanks for the Jhupadi,s Team Unit I want to see other flim which is acted by Kedar Upreti in the future. Thanks

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