Miss Bhutan US 2018 is Suchita Padhan, why does she looks like a Nepali? (Video)

Actress Priyanka Karki rushed to the USA to choreograph the contestants of Miss Bhutan US 2018 right after she got engaged to Ayushman Desraj Joshi. The preparation of the contestants for the finale was rushed and done in a hurry. So, the performance of the contestants wasn’t as good as expected.

Video update:

Priyanka told in her instagram that the contestant number 8, Suchita Pradhan has won the title. The details of the runner-up is not available yet and the winners aren’t officially announced at the time of this writing. I will update this post as soon as the official announcement is done.

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Nepali Movie – Jhupadi Ko Jindagi

First movie of Bhutani Nepali
Dedicated to the known and unknown martyers of Bhutani protest
Nepali film – Jhupadi Ko Jindagi
Cast :Cast:: Kedar Upreti (UK), Anita Rai, Anish Thapa, Jita Upreti (UK), Ishowr Aanshu Magr, Malati Rai, Kiran Gurung, Santosh Ramdam, Dipak Dhakal, Shyam Giri etc.
Story/Asst. Director – Kedar Upreti
Direction/script – Santosh Ramdam

Part 1
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