Holi 2019, Celebrities celebration

Like the past years, Nepali celebrities celebrated the festival of colours by promoting their own products. The actors and actresses promoted their films, others promoted their respective products. The festival has proved to be more commercialized these days.

I have been sharing Holi celebration photos of Nepali artists for some time in past :

In addition to these collections, there were more posts in the respective years. You can go back in time-line to read and watch all the videos, photos and writing by visiting posts tagged ‘HOLI’.

2019 video:

Anchal Sharma in Holi:

Actor, producer and director Bhuwan KC was seen with his uofficial wife, Jiya KC. For the last few years, Jiya and Bhuwan has been celebrating Holi festival together and sharing their photos of the celebration. 

The one in the back is Kiran KC – who else do you recognize?

This is film Yatra team with their fans and friends.

Actress Deepa Shree Niraula – Holi celebration mood.

A program to celebrate Holi

Jassita and Pradeep Khadka – the ‘Love Station’ team also celebrated Holi.

A group selfie by Kiran KC

Priyanka Karki, Salin Man Manandhar, Kiran KC and others

Anu Shah in holi colours.

The Dhurmus- Suntali couple


Paramita RL Rana celebrated Holi in Kathmandu:

Rekha, Anu and others in holi colours.

Holi celebration of Yatra leading actors – Salin Man Baniya and the debut actress of the film.

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