Khusbu Oli says Arpan has Daud Ibrahim connections

The gangster Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ girlfriend, Miss Teen 2006, Khusbu Oli has been quite vocal after the death of her boyfriend. She had accused her ex-boyfriend Arpan Koirala of influencing the police in the killing of the so-called don.

khusbu-oli and arpankoirala photo

Talking to Kantipur’s Saptahik Weekly, Khusbu told that she has a lot of secrets of Arpan and his relationship with criminals. She also mentioned D Company, a notorious criminal organization of Daud Ibrahim. She told Arpan has criminal mind. She had also released some of Arpan’s messages to prove that he was behind the killing of ‘Chari’.

In another interview, Arpan however told that he is a simple person who had always loved Khusbu and wasn’t happy that she was seeing the gangster Chari. He told Chari used to be one of his best friend and he had tricked on him to steal Khusbu.

Video explaining how Chari stole Khusbu from Arpan (according to Arpan):

Khusbu’s Father appreciates Arpan Koirala

Before Khusbu met Chari, she used to work together with Arpan in social works. In an interview for a documentary, Khusbu’s father Shyam Sundar Oli had also appreciated the efforts of his daughter and Arpan Koirala. He told, “I wish Arpan Koirala and Khusbu Oli become ideal for social service.” Watch the following video for the interview of Khusbu’s father and Arpan Koirala.

khusbu and arpan koirlaa closeup

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