Komal Oli’s song banned in Nepal Television

komal-oli-bridal-dress There have been a series of banning in Nepal recently. It looks like, various government agencies are depressed by the failure to form a government two after the resignation of he current PM and are venting their dissatisfaction in the form of banning everything they don’t like personally.

This time, a promo of an upcoming album of Komal Oli was banned from Nepal Television. Komal Oli once used to be the news anchor at the TV. The promo was being broadcasted in the television for a couple of weeks. It was suddenly halted on Sunday.

In the controversial song, calls Lord Shiva a Badmas.

According to Nagariknews, the NTV Chief, Prakashjung Karki told that Komal Oli doesn’t have the rights to name Lord Shiva a Badmas. He thought it is against Hindu sentiments.

Is the Hindu religion getting intolerant to such a simple thing as name calling or are these so-called society leaders making unnecessary fuss?  Unmarried singer Komal Oli is known to come out with controversial songs in the occasion of Teej every year. A song called “Poila Jana Paam… ” created similar controversy a few years back. The suggestive songs about her inability to find a suitable male to get married have been quite popular.

Some of Komal’s popular Teej songs are posted below:

All the videos are removed.

10 thoughts on “Komal Oli’s song banned in Nepal Television

  1. shiva is a symbol of nature and the nature is love and compassion.
    If you visit shivalaya, or Pasupati temple in Bankali Pasupati, you will find there numbers of siva ling-ga, the eration and emotive instruments that realy motivated the nature to fertilise in this beautiful world.

    So, I appreciate Komal Oli’s shiva badmas song very much.

    In real life you love Shiva Longga but in show you pretend that you don’t like.

  2. Kasto achamma ho,,?? aafno vawana pokhna napaune ? hindu dharma makaha lekhieko chha ?? Sivalai Badmash vanna napaune,,??
    Mero jagir nahuda maile kasto kasto vanera galigareko chhu vagwanalai,
    Komal Olile badmash vanera kehi hudaina,,NTV le turunta kholnuparnu parchha,Baned garna paidaina,,time mai,buddi puryaera ,,kholnush.

  3. It is senseless, unreasonable and autocratic practice of Mr. Prakashjung Karki. Hello Mr. Karki why don’t you hear from another peoples voice. This song is real problem of Komal Oli and why are you killing her voice. I think whatever the word badmas is used not a negative sense but it is her feeling. I have taken this word as funny and enjoy but not negative for god. You are silly person because you have no capacity to hear anthers pain.

  4. what???
    it’s pathetic ,
    mayb prakash jung has some personal problem with komal ……..
    nothing wrong with the song , IMO …….

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