Dabur Nepal to close down ?

As if the involvement in the formation of government in Nepal wasn’t enough, when the Indian Embassy (dubbed Real Embassy) started talking about how corrupt our media are, and that the tainted Real juice was only a media propaganda.

The press release seems more like a media propaganda, as the repotted tainted juice was widespread and found all over Nepal.

In response to the issue, Dabur has decided to take back it’s investment from Nepal if the government fails to safeguard its i
nvestment. Dabur has accused that it is being targeted by different forces and are discouraging it to do business in Nepal.

Nepal government is seriously studying the letter from Dabur and are trying action to keep the investment in Nepal. The foreign investment has been suffering due to the unstable political condition and labor disputes.

One thought on “Dabur Nepal to close down ?

  1. It is from internal source from Dabur Nepal. To overcome the recent past degraded quality of Juice , Dabur has tied up with big media house offering them lucarative Advertsiment Deal and presently Dabur Nepal is in very TV channel.

    However internal source of Dabur nepal claim still poor quality, expired raw material of Mengo nector and other fruit juice pulp is being used in Juice Production.
    Plant condition of dabur Lal data manjan and storage room are so pathetic , if some onein real visit and see, they will never use. 70% employee of dabur nepal dont ue their own product as they are aware of these product manufactured in un hiegenic condition.
    If soemoen wan to visist vistsi to storage area of raw material , not to production department which gives beeter faceoff.

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