Loafer release and Rekha and Chhabi relationship

Well known producer, Chhabi Raj Ojha is releasing his new movie ‘Loafer’ on December 6, 2013. The movie poses both challenge to Chhabi in various aspects. There are a few first times attached to the movie. To name some:

‘Loafer’ :

  • is the first movie by Chhabi without Rekha after their decade long relationship.
  • features a new actress, Rajani KC, in lead role. In the past, Rekha used to be in lead by default.
  • is the first movie under Chhabiraj Films witout any attachment with Rekha Films. (The first movie jointly by Chhabiraj Films and Rekha Films was ‘Hamesha’)
  • is the first movie by Chhabi targeted to multiplex theaters.

So far, at least for the last decade, Rekha had always been by Chhabi’s side when his movies were being released. This is the first time Rekha is not with Chhabi. In fact, she has even left the country to show her movie ‘Kali‘ in Hong Kong. Although the show is in Hong Kong is scheduled for December 8, Rekha had departed 5 days earlier. Chhabi had helped Rekha’s ‘Kali’ and had postponed ‘Loafer’ release date to accommodate the release of ‘Kali’ during the Dashain holiday season. But, at the time when Chhabi releases his movie, Rekha has left country just in time to miss the big day.

In case, ‘Loafer’ didn’t do well in theater – Chhabi will have tough time explaining the reasons.

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