Rekha Thapa Rampyari release preparation, will Chhabi Raj Ojha postpone Kismat 2?

New movies of Rekha Thapa and her ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha, ‘Rampyari’ and ‘Kismat 2’ are currently scheduled to release on the year end (on Chaitra 26). According to latest sightings, it is likely that Rekha might stick to that date and Chhabi might stay clear of the date. When asked to Chhabi, he denied such change in release date, but my analysis is different from what Chhabi has told.

Video report on analysis:

Additional analysis

After the divorce, every movies Chhabi and Rekha had produced were initially scheduled to release on the same date:

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Nepali Movie – Loafer

Nepali Film – Loafer
StarringAryan Sigdel, Dayahang Rai, Sushil Raj Pandey, Rajani KC, Kamal Mani Nepal etc.
Director – Aditya Bikram Lamsal

The film ‘Loafer’ marks the first movie of Chhabi Raj Ojha without Rekha after he debuted Rekha in ‘Hero’ (watch ‘Hero’). He introduced Rajani KC in the film. Initially, Rajani was expected to replace Rekha in Chhabi’s film but, he found an actress in looks similar to Rekha, Shilpa Pokharel, in ‘Lazza’. So far, Shilpa Pokharel seem to fit in the shoes of Rekha in Chhabi camp and she has already done hat-trick by working in three films of Chhabi Raj Films banner. In addition, Chhabi is rumored to be wooing Shilpa to make his fourth wife.

The review of ‘Loafer’ wasn’t as positive as expected and the film wasn’t recommended by our reviewer. The movie was initially scheduled to release on the same date with Rekha Thapa‘s film ‘Kali’ (watch ‘Kali’). But, when Rekha agrees to let Chhabi distribute the film, he re-scheduled the release date of ‘Loafer’.

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Kamana Film Awards – Mahasush wins the most awards

The first CG Kamana Film Awards was announced in a program held on December 1, 2014 in Kathmandu. In addition to awarding the artists, a cultural program was also organized featuring Nepali film artists including Karishma Manandhar, Bhuwan KC and other.  The nomination list of Kamana Film Award was posted in xnepali in October.

kamana film award winners with trophies

Following movies and artists were honored by the award in the ceremony:

Winner Films

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Nepali Movie – Kali

Nepali Movie – Kali
StarringRekha Thapa, Kishor Khatiwada, Jaya Kishan Basnet, Siru Bista, Dhurba Khatiwoda, Nandu Sribastav etc.
DirectorShabir Shrestha

Kali‘ is produced jointly by Rekha Films and Guna Cinema and presented by Rekha Thapa. Rekha’s ex-husband is the executive producer of the movie. The movie features the music of Basanta Sapkota. Rekha’s another movie ‘Damini’ was also released on the same day. When she was in the USA, Rekha had told Himgyap Lama will direct the movie. But, after her return back, she chose Shabir to direct the movie.

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NFDC award, second 4-monthly nomination released

Nepal Film Development Company (NFDC) started the National Film Award last year and it has started nominating the best artists every 4 months. The final nomination will be compiled from these nominations. The current nomination is based on the movies released in the last four months (Bhadra 1 to Mangsir end) in theaters.

In the last four months 29 movies were released. The top five movies nominated for the award are:

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Kali and Damini release controversy in it’s peak

On the Fulpati day of Dashain two movies of Rekha Thapa are releasing. Such a release of ‘Kali’ and ‘Damini’ at the same time can divide the viewers causing loss of revenue to both of them.

It seems, the clash in release is started when Rekha choose Chhabi Raj Ojha to distribute the movie. Before that, distributor Manoj Rathi was supposed to release the movie. Manoj Rathi group lost the right when Chhabi Raj Ojha entered the scene. After that, Manoj Rathi group purchased the rights of Bhojpuri film ‘Damini’ to release on the same date.

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Rekha Thapa and Chhabi together to release ‘Kali’

After the divorce Rekha Thapa and her ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha had produced ‘Kali‘ and ‘Loafer’ respectively and announced the same release date to compete with each other. But, when the release date nears, the relationship between the two has warmed up and now, Chhabi has appeared in ‘Kali’ poster as an executive producer.

Now Chhabi has acquired the release rights of ‘Kali’ and he will distribute the movie in the theaters. Earlier, ‘Kali’ was supposed to be distributed by other party but, Chhabi will return the advance received from the earlier party to distribute the film himself. He told, he and Rekha have realized that they are not competitors but business partners.

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Rekha Thapa got married (to a tree) UPDATE

In a religious ceremony Rekha Thapa got married to a Bar (Banyan) tree. Banyan is viewed as the male counterpart of female plant peepal. In Hindu religion, banyan tree represents immortality.

Rekha conducted a yagya ceremony and a religious puja. Although she hasn’t revealed the reason behind the puja, some believe it has something to do with her upcoming movie ‘Kali‘. Rekha is planning to release the movie in Dashain to compete with her ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha‘s ‘Loafer’.

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Rekha Thapa’s Kali and Chhabi Raj Ojha’s Loafer releasing on October 11

Actress and producer Rekha Thapa has announced the release date of her upcoming movie ‘Kali’ on Dashain, Fulpati day, Ashoj 25 (October 11, 2013). The day coincides with the release date of her ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha‘s production ‘Loafer’.

After Rekha and Chhabi divorced, Chhabi registered Chhabi Raj Films and produced the first movie ‘Hamesha’ in association with Rekha’s Rekha Films. But, in his second movie – ‘Loafer’, Chhabi introduced a new actress, Rajani KC in the leading role. Rekha also started ‘Kali’ on her own to compete with Chhabi.

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Rekha Thapa’s Goddess movies confusing viewers

Actress Rekha Thapa’s upcoming movie ‘Kali’ is currently in floor. Rekha has shared some photos from the shooting and it seems her role is confusing in lights of her past movies. 

In the past few movies, Rekha Thapa has been featured in similar roles. The female oriented movies are named similar and confusing – ‘Kali’ is currently in production and ‘Durga’, ‘Rawan’ and ‘Lanka’ are already released. Although Rekha has told that her roles in these movies are different, she looks same (in police uniform) in ‘Lanka’ and ‘Kali’ (see the photo below).

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Nepali movie on the life of martyr Bhimdutta Pant being made

A Nepali movie based on the life of the martyr Bhimdutta Pant is being shot in the location in far-western Nepal. The martyr Bhimdutta is known for his fight against cast system and Rana autocracy. More than 60 percent of the movie is scheduled to be shot in the Western Nepal.

In the history of Nepali movies, this will be the first movie based on the life of a martyr. The movie titled ‘Bhimdutt’ is being produced and directed by Himgyap Tasi Lama. The movie will also feature songs based on the quotations of Bhimdutta and will showcase the attractions of Western Nepal.

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Rekah Thapa’s Kali, shooting in Birgunj

True to her skin color, actress Rekha Thapa is doing a role of Kali in her upcoming movie ‘Kali’. Although made under own banner, Rekha Films and many successful movies were made under the banner, this is the first time she is playing the role of a producer. After Rekha divorced Chhabi Raj Ojha he registered a new production house and she is left to go on her own.

The first movie of Chhabi Raj production was jointly produced by Rekha Films and Chhabi Raj Films. Now, Chhabi has started his own ‘Lofar’ without Rekha and Rekha has gone to the floor with ‘Kali’ without Chhabi.  At this time, I recall Rekha posting a photo of herself and Chhabi exactly two years ago with quote – "with my miyau…" Time sure has changed a lot.

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