Love Forever another movie made on sexual topic

In the promo released on May 6, upcoming movie of director Shankar Acharya features some hot bed scenes and sex related dialogues. But, the director claims that the movie is clean and doesn’t have excessive sexual content.

love forever kiss scene1

One of the dialogues of Sumina Ghimire in the movie is, “I love sex.” She is also featured in hot bed scenes and is shown sexy in the song titled ‘Raatki Rani’.

The movie made on triangular love story features actors Gajit Bista and Niraj Baral opposite to Sumina. The movie also features the director Acharya, his son the Tito Satya famed Raj Acharya. The movie made under Divyashakti Creation banner is scheduled to release on Ashad 14.

You can watch the promo of the movie:

The song from the movie:

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