Nepali Movie – Love Forever

Nepali Movie – Love Forever
StarringGajit Bista, Sumina Ghimire, Niraj Baral, Homraj Acharya, Rasmi Bhatta, Bishnu Devkota, Rachana Paudel, Shanka Acharya, Raj Acharya etc.
Director – Shankar Acharya

Watch the full movie in a single part:

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About ‘Love Forever’

Nepali movie ‘Love Forever’ was the movie produced, written and directed by the director and one of the actors of the comedy serial ‘Bhadragol’. The assistant director of the movie is Lasman Sen. The cinematographer of the movie is Niraj Kandel, the choreographer is Gambhir Bista. The action director of the movie is Surya Thoker, editor is Nabin Niraula. The music director of the movie is Chetan Sapkota. Film producer Madhav Wagle is the chief advisor of  the movie.

The censor board had given it an ‘A’ certificate – a movie only suitable for the viewers of age 16 years and older because of the sexual content in the movie. The movie was released in theater on June 28, 2013.

The fight director Surya Thokar had won the Best Fight Director award in Kamana Films Award 2014 for his work in this movie.

Star Cast of ‘Love Forever’

The child artist of the comedy serial, ‘Tito Satya’, Raj Acharya had debuted in ‘Love Forever’ as an adult actor. Raj is the son of the director Shankar Acharya. The child artist in the movie is Rakshanta Tripathi. Madhav Wagle is also featured in a special appearance role in the movie.

One of the hottest actress of the Nepali film industry, Sumina Ghimire, had gone through various scandals while she was acting. After getting married last year, Sumina has cut her ties from the Nepali film industry and the people in the industry. She is not seen in any functions these days.

The lead actor Gajit Bista is also the father of the youngest film director in the world, Saugat Bista. Gajit’s brother Ghambir Bista is the choreographer of the movie.

Poster of ‘Love Forever’

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