Lumbini – Birth place of Buddha

Buddha was born in Lumbini, located near the border of India in the Southern part of Nepal, more than 2500 years ago. The remains of the ancient kingdom of Shakya rulers are still preserved in the area. A pillar (gray pillar in the left side, in the photo below) erected by an Indian emperor, also confirms the location as the birth place of Buddha.

Following amateur video shows around the Buddha’s birthplace.


Peace candle in Lumbini

0 thoughts on “Lumbini – Birth place of Buddha

  1. Friends, well wishers and worldwide people,

    Buddha was born in Nepal there is no doubt there are the prove that we can see in Lumbini but Almost all Nepalese already killed the name of the Buddha and his teaching from the country. Nepal is Hindu Country . Nepalese were brave Hindu soldiers to British Government.and they die for them to protect. Now a days Nepalese leader said ” Just counting name of the Buddha and closing eyes who will provide you food monks should work and earn for their food.”

    Nepalese are very arrogant and self proud people in the world.They are proud saying themselves we are Hindu and they go to Pasupatinath Temple , Smoke marijuana with hindu Pujari BaBa then go home chat chat chat. They do not do work themselve only their mouth is non stop flattering.

    When I visited Lumbini, I saw lots of Buddha more than at Bagan in Myanmar . Some of their names as follows Buddha Bar Resturant, Buddha Massage house, Buddha Rest house, Buddha Night club,Buddha bake house, Buddha Sun Bath,Buddha Hotel, etc.

    Can we also put any religious leaders names as like this, let’ say hindu, or Muslim or Christian?

    Nepal Hindu Government only needs money from Buddhist pilgrimage not Buddhism, so, what is the different if I say Buddha was not born in Nepal. at least that great name will be pure from these stuffs.

    In my visit I went indian Lumbini as well as Indian Kapilawastu also it was not far from Nepal boarder Place was quite calm to meditate and looks like Buddha was born in India not in Present Nepal. I admire to Indian government establishing your old religion rather than being in blind faith.

    If Nepal Government can please sell Lumbini to india and be proud of Hindu say always Hare Ram Hare Ram then you can eat Mam.

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