Manisha Koirala, "I can’t cry the way you tell me"

After 22 years of absence in Nepali movies, Manisha Koirala has recently started acting in a Nepali movie named Dharma. The movie originally named ‘Rajniti’ was renamed ‘Dharma’ to suit the character of Manisha.

Manisha had enjoyed the post of the top actress in Bollywood, the Indian movie capital, for some time in the past. But, these days new actresses have taken over and she doesn’t have much projects in hand. That was one of the reason she agreed to act in the Nepali movie. Nepali movie industry is not as advanced as Bollywood and the talent in the industry is not of that of the quality Manisha is used to.

It is told that Manisha wasn’t that much comfortable with the director of the movie. At times, she would interfere with the way the shooting was conducted and the way acting was done. At one instance, Manisha refused to act the way director wanted her to cry.  Manisha told, “I can’t cry the way you tell me to. Take the shot of the way I cry.”

With such a tussle with the director and the haste it was shot in, it is to be seen how well the movie will shape up. If the movie doesn’t do well, it will hurt Manisha more than anybody else. Hopefully, it will be of the quality Manisha’s hindi movies once used to be! 

The movie is being directed by Dipendra K. Khanal and produced by Dr. Durga Pokharel.  Apart from Manisha Koirala the movie will feature Rajesh Hamal and Nikhil Upreti.

4 thoughts on “Manisha Koirala, "I can’t cry the way you tell me"

  1. hi rajesh dai and manisha didi. Both of u looking so cute.I was glad to see that pic.Dirctor get miracles on them life,

  2. Its a little awkward to see one of the top bollywood actors of the 90’s in a nepali movie where the quality of work is no match anywhere..I am used to seeing her in the arms of shahrukh ..but where did this Rajesh hamal guy come from?He may be a superstar in nepal ..that still goes no match to manisha..this is a nightmare! o my god this talent.her movies ..’saudagar,yalgar,bombay,dil se,agnisakshi,1942 a love story,hindustani,khamoshi,company…gupt,list goes on…and now this !!!!why is she doing a neplai movie after all these yrs?when all she needs now is marriage and family,?don’t do movies that have no meaning ..substance..I mean “DHARMA”grrrrrrrrrr wht the F*** is the name of the movie ..manisha seriously you dont need all this crap!!no match!!!

  3. Its good to see manisha in nepali movie…
    I can feel proud about nepali music(lok dohori )but not about nepali movie…

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