Manisha Koirala to come up with something new within a month

Manisha Koirala might be busy in the promotion of her upcoming movie Dharma but, she is also planning what she would like to do next. She has earned name and fame in India and wants to live the rest of her life in Nepal. A decision to do a Nepali movie, Dharma, after 20 years of absence was the first step towards that direction. Marrying a Nepali guy, Samrat Dahal, has made it easier to run away from the lucrative Bollywood limelight. The divorce rumor going around however, is a bad part of it.

Manisha Koirala recently met a reputed literately figure, Narendra Raj Prasai, with whom she confided about some noble plans ahead. Narendra, in his Facebook profile, says that, we will know about her plan within a month.

The plans can be anything from new movies, movie direction, or some social works like Himani Trust. Let’s hope she will come with a sensible and can-be-done type of projects. Our good luck wishes to Manisha.

Please post your thoughts on what might be her plans?

(Photo credit: Narendra Raj Prasai)

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