Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood to be called back?

Rakesh SoodAn Indian newspaper has reported that one of the most controversial Indian Ambassador to, Rakesh Sood, might be called back by the Indian government soon.

Apart from being the most controversial person, he is also accused of  being arrogant. Sood had been very tough with Maoist and was unnecessary involved in business of Dabur Nepal. Sood was instrumental in reducing anti-Indian sentiments in media and stop Maoist from leading the government.

The newspaper accus
es Sood was one of the reason behind the current political deadlock in Nepal. He was one of the most hated ambassador and was once thrown shoes by the crowd. He is also the first ambassador whose effigies were burnt on the streets.

India is planning to send Jayant Prasad as the new ambassador for Nepal. Jayant Prasad had served as an ambassador to Pakistan previously. His father Bimal Prasad had also served as an ambassador to Nepal during the Rana regime.

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  1. I think it’s quite clear what’s going on with this story – Prasad has finished his tenure in Afghanistan and is sitting in Delhi not far from retirement, hoping for one last posting. The story in the Telegraph is quite clearly planted. If one looks closely at his career, he’s spent the last few years following Sood’s trajectory. While people may find it easy to say Sood is unpopular in Nepal – one has to take into account that he’s the first Indian ambassador in Nepal since it became a Republic from a monarchy. As expected, it is a process, but none is more experienced or suited to handle it than Sood and this is why he was sent in the first place. The same can be said about his posting to Afghanistan. Some might even argue that it was only after Prasad followed Sood that the bomb blasts and violence against Indians intensified. As the MEA statement says, Sood has been looking after India’s interests in Nepal (which is his job) and I think to move him now would be to send the w
    rong message.

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