News from Nepal August, 2012 (consolidated)

Girl students’ skirts too short in Chitwan – The inspection team

Aug 10, 2012 @ 17:46

The inspection team sent by Higher Secondary Education Council from Kathmandu visited the colleges in Chitwan  district for inspection and finding girl students in higher secondary schools (+2 colleges) wearing short skirt, has advised the length of skirt should be below knee.

According to the District Education Office (DEO, the team made this suggestion after monitoring many higher secondary schools and the team also found many ‘+2′ colleges in Chitwan with lack of fully-equipped laboratories and libraries. They also found the poor condition of other school infrastructures like classes, canteens and toilets. The school buildings housing students beyond their capacity were also found.

The inspection team was sent after receiving complaints that the colleges in Chitwan were being run without proper infrastructures and there is connection between colleges and bridge course and tuition institutes for mutual benefit.

Gai Jatra Celebrated
Aug 4, 2012 @ 12:21

Gaijatra, the festival of cows was observed across the country on Friday. It is the festival celebrated by Newar community in which families, who have lost their members and relatives during the year paraded the streets, especially in the Capital, disguised as cows or with actual decorated cows, in memory of the deceased.

‘Gai’ or ‘cow’ helps departed souls cross a cosmic river called Baitarini in their journey after death, according to the religious scriptures. And according to another popular belief, King Pratap Malla initiated the festival in the 17th century to console his wife, who was in deep sorrow due to the untimely demise of her son Chakrapatendra Malla. Everyone in the country tried to make her laugh by coming out with cows and mimicry and also showed that she was not alone who have lost someone.
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Manisha Koirala divorce rumor won’t go away

Various Indian media have published a rumor about Manisha Koirala initiating the paperwork of divorce filing.

In the view of past events, we can confidently say that the marriage between the Bollywood star Manisha Koirala and Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal is not working. That is the reason, people tend to believe every divorce rumors of the couple.

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Manisha Koirala – ‘My husband has become my enemy’

It seems, the marriage of Manisha Koirala with Samrat Dahal is not going to last long. Last time, Manisha posted about her intention of divorce in May. She has done it again – by posting a bit more sad and harsh message in Facebook. The message reads:

My husband has become my enemy. How much worst can it become for a women?

Last time, the difference between the couple was was patched when friends and families helped them to soothe the relationship wounds. Manisha clarified that it was a minor issue with her husband.

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Manisha Koirala started promotion of Nepali movie Dharma, no talk on divorce

Actress Manisha Koirala started her movie career with a Nepali movie ‘Pheri Bhetaula’ some 20 years ago. After that, her second Nepali movie, Dharma, is going to be released soon. After hundreds of successful Hindi movies, Manisha’s second Nepali movie will mark her re-entry in the Nepali movie industry. 

Manisha seemed excited in the press meet organized to formally announce the start of the promotion of the movie. She was wearing the red ‘sindoor’ to imply she is in good relationship with her husband, Samrat Dahal. She, however refused to talk about the issue.

The press meet was organized in Hotel Sangrila, Manisha was present with her mother. Also present were, Dharma director Dipedra K Khanal, producer Durga Pokharel, actor Sanyog Pokharel and other film related personnel.

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Did media fuel Manisha Koirala divorce rumor ?

Times and again it is proven that, nothing is private in the life of a celebrity. In a latest example, Manisha’s minor disagreement and a hasty Facebook post has created further headache to Manisha’s married life. The original Facebook post was deleted within a few hours and the current post is much better saying, she was “super happy” with her partner.

In the context of divorce rumor in media, the sources closer to Manisha are suspecting one of the Indian medias for not letting the rumor subside. The unnamed Indian media is told to be particularly interested in Manisha Koirala gossips and was responsible to blow the minor event out of proportion. I suspect, they might be pointing towards a Nepali daily, Himalaya Darpan, published from Silgudi, India. Himalayan Darpan, in its Nov. 23 Tuesday’s edition, published a front page article with title “Manisha wants divorce”.

The Manisha family source however, couldn’t deny the misunderstanding between Manisha and Samrat. But, it is also told that the event was minor misunderstanding, not big enough to warrant divorce. Manisha’s parents are told to be saddened by the divorce rumor in the media.

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Manisha Koirala told she wanted divorce to Facebook friends

Manisha and Samrat were having problem in their 5-month-long married life and she had moved to her parents’ house after the disagreement.

Some Indian newspapers are reporting that Manisha posted a message in her Facebook status about her desire to get a divorce. The shocking status post however was removed after a few hours. It is told that the status message told that her married life was a roller coaster ride and she is planning to get a divorce. She also added that the decision will not hurt her parents.

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Manisha Koirala – How the divorce rumor started…

As a saying goes – there won’t be smoke without fire, there is also a reason behind the Manisha Koirala divorce rumor.

After returning from the honeymoon, Manisha Koirala and her husband Samrat Dahal were living in a rented house in Budhanilakantha. These days however, she is living in her parent’s house at Bansbari. That was the reason many suspected that she had misunderstandings with her husband and has left her home to live with her parents.

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Manisha Koirala to produce a movie, Dharma audio release

After 20 years and hundreds of movies in Bollywood, the Indian movie world, Manisha Koirala did her second Nepali movie under the direction of  Dipendra K. Khanal.

The movie named "Dharma" will mark as the reentry of Manisha in Nepali cinema. After her marriage with Samrat Dahal, she is seeking ways to settle down in Nepal. Her desire to produce a Nepali movie can be taken as the indication that she wants to move back home.

Talking in a program organized in the World Trade Center in Kathmandu for the release of audio of Dharma, Manisha told that she is planning to produce a Nepali movie. She also told that she has already started working on the script.

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Manisha Koirala and Samrat attended ‘Visit Nepal’ promotion program

The newly married couple in their Honeymoon vacation in Finland attended a program organized to promote Visit Nepal 2011. The Non-resident Nepali (NRN-Finland) had tried to maximize the popularity of Manisha in Finn media to promote tourism in Nepal.

Here are a couple of photos sent by Bishwash Hamal for Nagariknews.

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Manisha Koirala – too busy to do movies ?

After June 19 marriage, Manisha Koiral in her honeymoon and it seems, she doesn’t want to bring in her work in her married life. Manisha is currently in Scandinavian countries with her newly wed husband Samrat Dahal. It is not know when she will finish her extended honeymoon.

In a latest report, Manisha Koirala has left a movie, she previously had agreed to work in.

Divya Dutta is going to play the role Manisha Koirala was supposed to play, in the upcoming Hindi movie ‘My Friend Pinto’ by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

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Manisha Koirala honeymoon news in Finn media

Manisha Koirala’s honeymoon vacation in Europe is being widely publicized by the local media. One of the Finn television has covered the news about the honeymoon vacation of Nepali beauty and Bollywood actress, Manisha Koirala. The screenshot on the right is taken from the television media report.

The news published in iltalehti says – ‘India’s most famous Nepaliese film star Manisha Korala is in honeymoon with her businessman husband Samrat Dahal in Finland.”

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Manisha Koirala marriage – Fashion showcase

In the recently completed marriage ceremony, Manisha Koirala had worn different custom designed dresses and diamond jewelries made for different occasions.

On the first day of marriage, Manisha wore yellow saree with diamond ear-tops and a ‘huge’ matching necklace. The personal makeup artist of Manisha, Atul Kadam, did the makeup to match the jewelries and the dress she was wearing.

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