Manju Mahat, a Facebook group exclusive xnepali featured article on the late singer

We have created a Facebook group for fans of Nepali movies. In the group, we are planning to publish exclusive featured articles and covers.

The first such featured article is published on the late actress Manju Mahat. The article is available only to members of the Facebook community.

manju mahat condolence

The article is available for download in our Facebook Group only. The Facebook Group is a closed group and there are only 140 members and any new members need to be approved by admins.

9-pages long featured article features 5 pages of news and details of the late singer. Remaining four pages are photo feature of the late folk singer.  A preview of the full article is given below. If you want to download it, head to

xnepali-feature- manju-mahat-death-report-20140329_Page_1xnepali-feature- manju-mahat-death-report-20140329_Page_2

xnepali-feature- manju-mahat-death-report-20140329_Page_3xnepali-feature- manju-mahat-death-report-20140329_Page_4

xnepali-feature- manju-mahat-death-report-20140329_Page_5xnepali-feature- manju-mahat-death-report-20140329_Page_6

xnepali-feature- manju-mahat-death-report-20140329_Page_7xnepali-feature- manju-mahat-death-report-20140329_Page_8

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