‘Mero Pyaro Okhaldhunga’ – Okhaldhunga photos

Mero Pyaro Okhaldhunga….

The poet who wrote the beautiful poem about his birthplace Okhaldhunga and made it popular, is remembered as the Yug Kavi. Siddhicharan Shrestha who was born in Okhaldhunga-6, has a statue erected on his birthplace. (Photo credit: Dewaka Dhakal)

The place Okhaldhunga Bazaar and the district is named after an Okhal shaped stone. The stone is preserved by constructing a brick wall around it, in a shape of an Okhal.

Before the construction of Okhaldhunga – Katari road, the only means of transportation to the district was airplane (apart from walking from Katari of Udaypur). Rumjhatar airport made on a natural slope doesn’t even
have a gravel surface.

Okhaldhunga is also popular for a beautiful fall, Pokali Falls. Here are some beautiful photos of Pokali Falls:

Pokali Falls is one of the beautiful falls in Nepal. About 2 walking days from the district headquarter, it is remote place for the outside world. Without any means of transportation, the pristine beauty is preserved from human intervention. Here are some of the photos of the beautiful falls:

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