Miss Bhutan US 2018 is Suchita Padhan, why does she looks like a Nepali? (Video)

Actress Priyanka Karki rushed to the USA to choreograph the contestants of Miss Bhutan US 2018 right after she got engaged to Ayushman Desraj Joshi. The preparation of the contestants for the finale was rushed and done in a hurry. So, the performance of the contestants wasn’t as good as expected.

Video update:

Priyanka told in her instagram that the contestant number 8, Suchita Pradhan has won the title. The details of the runner-up is not available yet and the winners aren’t officially announced at the time of this writing. I will update this post as soon as the official announcement is done.

Miss Bhutan US 2018 contestants:

  • Sital Adhikari, OH
  • Nisha Acharya,
  • Nirmala Dahal
  • Narbada Gautam
  • Monika Saru
  • Kumari Majhi
  • Ganga Dulal, PA
  • Durga Kattel, NY
  • Binita Deurali, CO
  • Ashimta Subba, NA
  • Suchita Pradhan, NC

Although the beauty contest titled Miss Bhutan US, the contestants are mostly the ones who were the Bhutanese refuge in Nepal for almost three decade. Most of the contestants were born in Nepal but were not given the Nepali citizenship. They have now relocated to the USA and are the US citizen.

The beauty contest started in 2014 – Miss Bhutan US 2012. The previous winners of the contest were:

  1. Miss Bhutan US 2014 –  Prakriti Rai (choreographer was Malvika Subba)
  2. Miss Bhutan US 2015 – Nuna Limbu (choreographer was Malina Joshi)
  3. Miss Bhutan US 2016 – Bimala Siwakoti (choreographer was Priyanka Karki)
  4. Miss Bhutan US 2017 – Aarati Ghising (choreographer was Priyanka Karki)
  5. Miss Bhutan US 2018 – Suchita Pradhan (choreographer was Priyanka Karki)

Bhutan Demographics

Nepali speakers in Bhutan are a minority although that is not that big a minority. The majority, about half of the less than 1 million population are Ngalop. 35 percent are Nepali speaking people and remaining 15 percent are of other different origins.

Although Nepali are one-third of the population, the official language is that of the Ngalop people. So, Nepali and others are considered the disadvantaged group in Bhutan. Because of the monarchy in the country, the personal freedom is also limited.

Nepal Betrayed those who flee Bhutan

I think, Nepal had betrayed those who came to Nepal as refuges. Nepal should have welcomed them in a better manner. Although that chapter is closed now, the government can always apologize to the people for it’s short-sightness.  (I am preparing a video report on this issue, stay tuned for the update.)

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