Miss Sherpa 2010 in controversy

The titles of Miss Sherpa and Miss Friendship were dragged into controversy when the announcer called the wrong name for the title. The titles were awarded to the wrong contestant.


Pema Yanjee Lama (Sherpa) was given the Miss Sherpa title instead of the real winner Nigma Yangjee Sherpa. Similarly Dolma Sherpa was given the Miss Friendship title instead of the real winner Doma Sherpa. When Doma Sherpa and her parents started raising their voice against the injustice, the originators had to run away after realizing the mistakes.

The organizers were quoted as telling that the mistake occurred due to similarity of names of different contestants. As every contestants were given their own numbers, blaming the similarity in names is a lame excuse.

The event was held at the Rastya Naach Ghar Jamal,Kathmandu. In the ceremony Miss Sherpa was awarded with Rs. 25,000 cash and crown. It is still to be known who will be the real owner of the prize.

16 thoughts on “Miss Sherpa 2010 in controversy

  1. Ngima Yangjee is so beautiful and she deserves the miss sherpa title.personally I can vote her million billion times.

  2. the measure to judge the perfectness to be miss….. wateva…. is what????

    Pema yangji in my view have been crowned with fair decision……..
    ………………….beautiful, talented and confident one………………………………….

    ………..Let Sherpas feel proud of u…….Cheers………………………………….

  3. why did the announcer made a blunder mistake.why was she in confused.why did she called nimas name 2 time and why was pema not in confuse.To win the title they should have a personality,looks should b attractive.so every thing was there in nima she really deserves the title and she still remains miss sherpa for me and ever who watched the show.

  4. Pema dont Deserve winning the title.why did pema go when nimas name was called why didn’t she get confused when nima got confused.from here we can clearly wat up can guess?????????so nima u deserve it u’re the winner……

  5. kya blog ma pani jpt, jaypaitia lekcha
    honestly mero whole family was there and from what i saw
    everyone seemed to like Pema, or whatever her name is
    all my sati and others were like cheering for her
    you know who is the pretty one just from the pictures from this blog
    ani pheri yo blog le chai comments against pema are the ones up
    bias – ma lai ta taha chanai but it seems like it

  6. I was there man!!
    wtf..is this controversy about?
    Pema Yangzi was clearly so deserving than nima yangzi
    PLUS the announcer was like any guess who the winner is and evryone
    said number 1, n shes like thats RIGHT..
    but she called the name wrong Haha its all announcers fault
    BUT pema yangzi definitely deserved the title and hence she won it
    SO there was NO INJUSTICE to Nima yangzi, her answer was so plain neways

  7. I watched the video yesterday and found the program to be the worst ever..idk whr exactly was the fault . But the announcer lady got lost while declaring the winner’s name..she said” Miss sherpa 2010 issssssssss contestant no 1, Nyima Yangzi sherpa” WTF..how could neone make such a blunder..hellooo contestant no 1 is pema yangzi not Nyima yangzi..So who exactly was the real winner ,NYIMA YANZI OR PEMA YANZI?? whtever..media already coverd PEMA as MISS Sherpa 2010..and why didn’t NYIMA raised her voice against the controversy?

  8. Pema Yanjee Lama Sherpa had very well-deserved the Crown without any shadow of doubt or second openion, and she got it.This is the gorgeous girl who also won the title of ‘Miss Talent’ and ‘Best Walk’, besides ‘Miss Sherpa 2010’.And she almost won some other titles, too.She has the beauty and sweetness, the fitness and ability,the understanding and thought,the performance and enfluence .Not only me, honourable Judges,well-minded hard-working Organisers and respectable Audience spoke loud and cleal in support of giving the Crown to Miss Pema by clapping and applauding !

  9. Its a real crap…. Neema Yangji Sherpa really deserves the CROWN… She has looks, talent, smile personality to be Miss Sherpa 2010. All the organizers are cheaters…

    • Forget it dude the contest is already over yar. Why shout?
      Just beg them to put the announcer’s picture yar. What yar?

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