Wanna Bid for Puskar Shah's stuffs?

Puskar travelled 150 countries on a bicycle and now the bicycle is on sale along with other stuffs like flags, soil, coins, post stamps, and beer caps. The auction of the stuffs he collected from different countries he visited will take place in United World Trade Centre, Tripureshwar.

Sept., 2009 file photo

Puskar had promised to carry flags of all the countries he visited to the top of the World – for which he needs cash. He needs about Rs. 4 million to climb the highest peak, Mount Everest, towards the royalty and other costs.

Puskar Shah was initially assured sponsorship for the Everest summit by  a private bank but it later withdrew from its pledge. Shah hasn’t heard from the Tourism Ministry about his application for royalty waiver (costing USD 25,000).

When the plea to the Prime Minister, Madhav Kumar Nepal, for support for the Everest summit went unheard Puskar decided to sell his stuffs to raise the money. Shah told that the PM advised him to find private sponsors.

It is very sad that the government refuses to help the guy who represented the country in 150 countries. If Puskar Shah were powerful enough to change governments he wouldn’t have problem with funds…

Hopefully, somebody will buy the bike and present it back to Puskar.

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  3. Have the rules changed? When did it become necessary for a nepali citizen to pay the government to climb a nepali mountain? I thought only foreigners needed to pay the royalty.

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