Miss World 2021 is Miss Poland

In the event held in Puerto Rico on March 16, 2022, the new Miss World, Karolina Bielawska from Poland was crowned by reigning Miss World 2019 Tony Ann Singh. The 1st Runner Up is Shree Saini from United States and the 2nd Runner up is Olivia Yace from Côte d’Ivoire.

Karolina Bielawska was Top 13 in Top Model competition held in Miss World competition. Currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Management Karolina plan to earn a PhD degree while working as a model. Her future plan to become a motivational speaker. Karolina loves voluntary works and she is involved very passionately in the work she is involved in.

She likes swimming and scuba diving and plays tennis and badminton. When asked about her favorite film she names

For her Beauty with a Purpose project Karolina’s project is named “Zupa Na Pietrynie”. It provides constant help to homeless people in crisis and also raises awareness of problems and fight against social exclusion. The organization provides hot meals, food packages, drinks, clothing, masks, law advice and professional medical support for almost 300 people in need in Lodz. Many of these people did not have access to register for a COVID-19 vaccine but the project was able to get Governmental permission for over 400 people to receive their vaccinations. The project also built the first Social Bathroom for people in the homelessness crisis in Lodz.

Who is Shree Saini from United States ?

Miss United States, Shree Saini is one of the winners of Beauty with a Purpose and she was also the semi-finalist of Talent competition. After competing her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism Shree is currently working as a Business Manager at her father’s company and as a Keynote Speaker. After she was crowned Miss USA Shree has been very active in promoting BWAP in the US and across media platforms. Shree one day wants to become a United States Secretary of Education. She likes reading and she is a passionate dancer and musical theater. She also likesStand Up Comedy shows.

Shree Saini’s Beauty with a Purpose is based on her own experience of having a complete heart block. Her project is “Heart Health: Healing both the physical heart and emotional heart”. Shree has travelled to over 100 cities, 34 states and 8 countries with her Beauty with a Purpose project. She also supports other non-profit organisations and causes. She raised 560,000 Indian National Rupees for Covid India Relief funds. The funds were used to feed people in need and will help feed thousands of families for months.

Who is Olivia Yace from Côte d’Ivoire?
One of the most talented beauty in Miss World 2021 is Olivia Yace. She wan the Top Model competition. She also won the Head to Head Challenge Winner, also the winner of Multimedia Award. In addition to that she is also the Talent semi-finalist

Cote d’Ivoire – Olivia Yace- Olivia has completed a Degree in Marketing and Management. Her paln is to continue her studies with a Masters Degree.
singing, dancing and travelling are the fun things she enjoys. Mama Mia is her favourite film and her favourite song is: ‘This Little Light of Mine.’ If Olivia could invite someone for dinner it would be Michelle Obama as she admires her as a role model.

Olivia’s Beauty with a Purpose project M’Klomi which means “I Accept Myself” in Baoulé, promotes embracing and loving yourself without pretension. Olivia appeared on TV shows where she could reach the Ivorian youth directly to raise awareness about the dangers of skin bleaching.

Placement in Miss World fast track events:

Although Miss Nepal was in the Top 40 of Miss World 2021, she failed to be selected in the Top o13 list.
Miss World –

The Top 13 are:
1 Vietnam
2 Mexico
3 Northern Ireland
4 Philippines
6 Poland
6 Somalia
8 Colombia
9 Czech Republic
10 France
11 India
12 Indonesia
13 Côte D’Ivoire

Miss Nepal https://youtu.be/vlO-kFk5HiA

Who is Miss World 2021 Karolina Bielawska?

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