Paul Shah & Durgesh Thapa case update, Pooja Sharma cried in MYGG2 premier

Premier show of Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu was held on the day a complaint was lodged against the lead actor of the movie to release on Friday. After two years of closure, the film industry is finally opening up.

The opening of the film was not as pleasant as expected by the actress and the producer of the movie, Pooja Sharma. The events were too much for the actress and the director of the movie, Sudarshan Thapa. So, they both cried on stage talking about the absence of Paul Shah in the show. Paul Shah on the other hand released audio recordings to prove his innocence. The audio however seem to be more damaging than useful in his case at the time when his case is under consideration at the police station.

Video report about Pooja Sharma and the film premier show.

According to reports, Paul Shah is at large and police is searching to arrest him. After 24 hours of police complaint he still hasn’t contacted police. There are other unconfirmed reports that he is negotiating with the police for arrest.

Paul has released the following 40 minutes of audio recording:

He has accused singer Durgesh Thapa, Saroj Oli, Krishna Joshi and Samrat Chaulagain for encouraging Samikshya Adhikari to plot a case against him.

Paul Shah and Durgesh Thapa used to be good friends. They were so close that they had their family as friends too. Paul’s sister had offered tika to Durgesh in Tihar. Their closeness grew in a very short time and later they parted their ways. These days they are not in talking terms. Paul has accused Duresh Thapa as the mastermind in helping and plotting a case against Paul and using Samikshya as a pawn. Durgesh has responded by telling that it was Paul who did the mistake and he has nothing to do with the case. He claimed to have tried to help a girl who was duped by Paul.

More update will follow.

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