Mousam, introduction of a Nepali Movie

Watch Mausam here.

Nepali film ‘Mousam’ is a hit movie featuring Rajesh Hamal, Aryan Sigdel, Ranjana Sharma, Ganesh Upreti, Sharmila Malla etc. The story of the movie is written by the director Shyam Bhattarai.

Shyam’s wife of that time, Ranjana Sharma is also one of the actress in the movie.Ranjana has left Shyam to go and live in the USA. According to reports, Ranjana might have to go back to Nepal as her Green Card application hasbeen rejected by the US government.

The movie is updated in a separate page.

18 thoughts on “Mousam, introduction of a Nepali Movie

  1. hi im bhupen frome malaysia i verry2 like thise movie i have hope coming days also i can watch better then thise movie .

  2. i like nepali movie, they are good but i dont like the way they act, make movie,etc. and i hate hero who dont know how to act,,,,,,,,,,,,,hahahahah

  3. story is perfact but we nepali got always problems on actors and actress ther are reall not fit for movie they are lagy to maintain ther fugure

  4. Hi
    i am bishnu i like this movies but i want to see new movies plzz sand movies for free because we have no money for buy. we are refugee ok byeeeeeeeeeee

  5. this is gr8 movie.rajesh hamal,sarmia malla,aryan sigdel all is well……arye vaiya all is well…………….

  6. movie goodnice but litil chiting hindi movie kina ? hi aryan dada movie ramro 6 la next movie mero aauta sathi 6 send garnu la byyy nbest of luck.

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