Miss India Worldwide Nepal in February

These days there are numerous beauty contest being held in Nepal and one more contest is going to be held in February.

If you are a woman of Indian origin, resident in Nepal and aged between 18 and 27 years; here is your chance to participate in Miss India Worldwide beauty contest. If you are eligible, you need to hurry up and send your application by February 4, 2010. The event will be held on 27th of February.

The call for contestant features 2008 title holder – Miss India Worldwide 2008, Shagun Sarabhai.

Miss India Worldwide

We recently had three versions of Miss Teens (Tamang Miss Teen, Miss Teen, Republica, and Miss Teen, Riddhi Siddhi), one College Ambassador beauty contest, and Miss Newa beauty contest – all in about a months’ time.

Sometimes I wonder if this the same country where the government didn’t let Miss Nepal 2008 to happen. It is good, nobody is objecting such contests these days. But, that doesn’t mean one need to organize beauty contests every other day.

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