Movie Awards in Nepali Film Industry and NEFTA Film Awards

When we see a couple of movies being released in Nepal almost every weeks, we get a feeling that the Nepali film industry is a successful industry. Every actor/actress seem very busy in one shooting or the other. The film personalities are busy in a number of events including movie launch, music launch, premiere shows, foreign shows and so on. Question arises – can the ‘book’ (film industry) be judged by its cover (all the hypes)?


Movie awards is another aspect the industry has progressed a lot. In the last two years, we have seen a huge increase in the number of Nepali Film Awards. Different organizations and associations are organizing such film awards without any coordination with each other. A few years back in the history, there were only music awards and there were nothing like movie awards. Now, the situation has reversed and there are more movie award ceremonies than music award events.

I try my best to go to the music awards held in Kathmandu and if I couldn’t go there I won’t miss watching it in television. That is because, I feel there is value in music awards as there is competition in the music field to make it interesting. But, when I think of Nepali film awards there is not much competition and only one or two movies are good enough to be considered for an award. That is not even enough for nomination of five movies. That is one of the reasons I don’t have high hopes from Nepali film awards and they don’t even feel like going there to watch watch the event.

On March 12, 2011, an award ceremony was organized by Nepali film technicians, Fourth NEFTA Film Award 2067. In the event, the best film award and the best director award was handed over to the movie Chodi Gaye Paap Lagla. The movie is a good movie in all the aspects and it deserves the award.

The best actor award was won by Aryan Sigdel for his role in Mero Euta Sathi Cha. The best actress award was won by Rekha Thapa for her role in the movie Hifajat. Both awards were grabbed by deserving candidates but, the the only problem with the award was the time of the released of those movies. Hifajat was released last year whereas, Chodi Gaye Paap Lagla was released some 2 years back (outside the valley). Does that mean any movies can participate in the award?

The best comedy actor award was given to Neer Shah for the movie Kaha Bhetiyela. Kaha Bhetiyela was a super hit movie, that was also released two years ago. That was enough for me and I didn’t check other winners in in details. My best guess is that, the next year’s award will be given to Tulsi Ghimire for his super hit movie Darpan Chaya, released around ten years ago.

In Nepali film industry, nothing is done in time. Viewers have to compromise in every aspect of the movies. Most of the movies are released after waiting in a queue for one to two years. So, one shouldn’t be surprised if they have to wait for a few more years to get awards. A good movie may get a sweet surprise anytime with these awards.

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  1. wth……………yesto pani….award function huncha….no dout that rekha is best actress but she should get…..awrd…..for kaslechoryo mero man…..and bato muni ko phool is the best movie ever

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