Movie Awards in Nepali Film Industry and NEFTA Film Awards

When we see a couple of movies being released in Nepal almost every weeks, we get a feeling that the Nepali film industry is a successful industry. Every actor/actress seem very busy in one shooting or the other. The film personalities are busy in a number of events including movie launch, music launch, premiere shows, foreign shows and so on. Question arises – can the ‘book’ (film industry) be judged by its cover (all the hypes)?


Movie awards is another aspect the industry has progressed a lot. In the last two years, we have seen a huge increase in the number of Nepali Film Awards. Different organizations and associations are organizing such film awards without any coordination with each other. A few years back in the history, there were only music awards and there were nothing like movie awards. Now, the situation has reversed and there are more movie award ceremonies than music award events.

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A birthday snow spray in a pesticide packaging (Update with – Video)

Birthdays are fun filled and the kids are the ones who would love it the most. When it comes the happiness of our kids, we forget all the hardships and spend lavishly.

Ang Tenzind Sherpa wanted to make fun in one of his loved one’s birthday (we didn’t ask whose birthday it was). He bought a snow spray costing him  Rs. 250 in Gemini store in Boudha. But, when he opened the snow spray package, the familiar smell wasn’t pleasant. It smelled like a pesticide. It was actually recycled pesticide package with a paper cover with the details of snow spray.

The main poi
nt Ang mentions is that, "There was a smell of pesticide, and I’ve vomited more then five times since yesterday."

It is clear from the photos he has posted in Facebook, that the packaging was that of "Hit" branded pesticide. The pesticide can’t be considered healthy to be sprayed on kid’s birthday cake.

In our question about the manufacturer of the product, Ang told that the packaging was written in Chinese, so he is not sure about the company that produces it. If the product is produced out of Nepal, we can’t do anything about it. The only responsible business will be the importer of the product.

Ang is facing health issues due to the product and many others might have faced sucproblems. When consumer products create health problems, somebody should be held responsible for the problem. In this case, who is responsible for the damage it does to the health of the users?

Is it Gemini Store?

Is is Nepal Government?

We hope somebody will take a
ction against such irresponsible practice to create problem to the health of general public.

Following photos show the paper, and the actual pesticide can underneath (photo credits – Ang Tenzind Sherpa) :

Given the current political situation and lack of proper monitoring of products being sold in market, we would like to ask the users to be careful while using new product available in the market. And, we would also like to ask the businesses to take the health and safety of their customers seriously and stop the sales of potentially harmful and fake products.

Update Ang Tenzing Sherpa has created a video of the spray and posted in YouTube: